Design that gets a reaction!

A brand that reduces the wrong kind of enquries

Halo Media

Design that gets a reaction!

Halo Media ( is a design company in Bristol. They undertake brand, advertising and digital media projects for consumer and business-facing companies. They work in a crowded and highly competitive market. When they refreshed their own website, they deliberately went for arresting visuals. Their site uses Graffiti-style illustration, iconography and bold clashing colours. It’s the kind of design that you either love or hate. Their rationale is that you can’t appeal to everyone and you shouldn’t try.

MD, Nick Ellis, comments “If you are so concerned with ‘fitting in’ to the industry you’re not concentrating on what makes you special and most importantly what excites and interests you. We wanted to attract clients who share our love of aesthetics and want to do stimulating work. Our website sets out our stall clearly, without the need to explain why we’re different or what drives our agency. It’s right in front of you on the home page. As a result our website captures the essence of Halo and we look like no one else.”

As a direct result of this bold visual approach, they started to win more, and more profitable, work from the kind of clients they love working with. One such client was Unilever. The site has the effect of filtering out anyone who isn’t likely to enjoy working with them, meaning that the enquiries they receive are from the right kind of client. The agency credits their new website, and the follow-up thereafter, with tripling their turnover. An achievement all the more impressive in an economic downturn.

To be as confident and discerning as Halo means firstly knowing exactly who you want to work with, and delivering exactly what those people want.

© Bryony Thomas | Image from Halo Media with permission

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