How to turn 2% effort into 127% improvement

How to turn 2% effort into 127% improvement

There’s a thing that happens with business books. We don’t always do anything as a result of reading them. We nod. We smile. We think ‘ah, yes!’. But, when we get back to our desks, we often do nothing about it.

Even if we loved the book. Hey, I think David Allen’s ‘Get Things Done’ is a masterpiece, but I am not (yet) a productivity exemplar!

One of the reasons for this is that, even if we get the concept, putting it into practice often looks like so much effort. And, we just don’t find the time to slow down to speed up. Or, we think it might work on paper, but it wouldn’t work in my business.

I’ve certainly had people do the Touchpoint Traffic Light exercise from Watertight Marketing and go a little faint at the mammoth task that a sea of red results seems to present them. The thing is, you don’t need everything to be perfect to see a big difference. In fact, small (and totally manageable) tweaks can have a dramatic effect.

There’s a hole in your bucket, dear business

The Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks bring together all the typical ways I’ve seen businesses waste money on their marketing. They can quickly show people that whilst they may be able to draw a neat funnel, their process might be better represented by a colander.

It’s a scary moment when you visualise all that time, money, and effort pouring straight down the drain. But, it also gives you an action plan that can turn even small changes into big results.

Just 2% improvement can make a difference

Watertight Marketing gets you to turn the normal view of marketing on its head. I say, stop pouring energy into the top and address this picture from the bottom up. What you’re after is something functional at each step, and a small fix at each leak.

Tweak those leaks from the bottom up

If you went up through this model, using the tried and tested fixes in the book as your guide, and improved conversion from one step to the next by just 2% for each of the leaks… well, it’s borderline alchemy.

Chart to show impact of 2% improvement

That 2% improvement, against each of the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks, gives you an uplift in sales of 127%. That is, 2.5 loyal and profitable customers where the previous set-up delivered 1.1.

What this shows is that if you address the leaks in the right order, as you’re guided to do through reading Watertight Marketing and completing the FREE companion workbooks, even small (not scary!) changes can make a huge difference.

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