How we increased email subscriber rates by 300% in one month

How we increased email subscriber rates by 300% in one month

Keen followers of this blog will notice that I’ve had a bit of a break over the Summer. So, considering I’ve barely blogged, posted, and spoken at just one event all month… how on earth have average daily email subscriber rates gone up by 300%?

By adding LeadPages, that’s how. (And, yes – that’s an Affiliate link – I rarely do them, but I’m going to be shouting about these guys quite a lot.)

Let me walk you through it.

It’s like there’s this really simple thing that I just didn’t know. I’ve had a massive leak in my marketing and I didn’t know it. Yes, I see the irony, and I feel a bit daft. But, hey, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one. So, I will swallow my pride and tell you about it. I’ve been doing a course with Claire Jarrett to get up to speed on the newfangled Facebook ads, retargetting, etc. and she mentioned LeadPages. So, I checked them out and attended one of their webinars. It was a masterclass is how to sell from a webinar by the way… worth watching just to see how they do it. Anyway, I was one of the many people reaching for their credit card at the end of the session.

Main call to action on the homepage

That evening, I replaced the homepage call-to-action on Watertight Marketing. Previously, the book image and call-to-action took you to a page with an embedded Mailchimp form on the page. Now, when you click on the image that very same form (linked with Mailchimp) pops up on the page they are already on.

Leadbox added to an image

This is called a LeadBox, it hovers over the page – which persists greyed out behind. You can hook it to Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Gotowebinar any many more.

Leadbox hovers over the top


Turning high traffic pages into high subscriber pages…

I then took one of the tips directly from the webinar. They showed some great case studies where valuable content was desirable in other formats. So, a great blog post where you give some valuable advice for free, can make a great PDF download as a subscriber reward. This also feels right to me. We’re still giving the advice with no data barrier, but offering it in another format in return for email permission.

I knew exactly which post to go for. How to write a marketing brief, by Cheryl Crichton, was originally posted on a previous incarnation of Watertight Marketing when the business was called Clear Thought Consulting. So, it’s been up now for nearly 5 years. It still gets over 200 visits every day!

High traffic content


I could do this with no help from a web developer at all. I didn’t even need to do any fancy stuff with automated replies to deliver the item. LeadPages does this within the system – you simply associate a file with a LeadBox and edit the email copy, and the subscriber gets it instantly.

They also get added straight to the mailing list. To stick to my ethics of ensuring people’s permission has been earned I’ve set up an email that goes out 24 hours later prompting them to set frequency and interest settings, or to opt out if they just wanted the PDF.

What impact has it had?

Since implementing these two things, which took me about 2 hours in all (it will definitely get quicker!), the average number of new subscribers we get each day has gone up by 300%. What this means overall is that we’ve increased the total number of email subscribers by nearly 20%. That’s a 20% uplift in four weeks over what had been achieved in 5 years.

And, it’s translated into sales too. The main LeadBox delivers people a sample of my book. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that in the month since more people have been getting a sample, sales of Watertight Marketing were 35% higher than the highest ever month in the last 18 months.

Any negatives?

There is one pretty obvious negative. But, it’s not a biggie. The quality of my list engagement has decreased, and my unsubscribe rate has gone up. For every 10 people that subscribed through this method, 1.2 are unsubscribing within a fortnight. I suspect that because the permission was more easily earned, it’s more easily lost. I’m hoping that their experience was still a positive one, they got a great download, they just don’t want an inbox full of emails. I get it. It’s ok. And, we’re still significantly up on the deal.

So, here it is, a big fat thumbs up from me for LeadPages. Enjoy.

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