Overview of Watertight Marketing

You work hard. So, let’s make sure that you’re getting the very best from every ounce of effort that you, and every member of your team, puts into making your business a success. The best way to do this is to make sure that your business isn’t leaking profit. However tight you think you have it, I’ve yet to encounter a business that couldn’t step it up – by simply plugging the profit leaks.

Watertight Marketing in 10 minutes 10 seconds…

Part One doesn’t make for easy reading. It maps out leaks in your sales and marketing set-up that squander your precious funds and time. Taking a look how real people really buy things, I expose the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks, and turn the usual way of tackling them on its head for faster payback. Then, just for added discomfort, you’ll be introduced to the Four Foundation Leaks. These relate to marketing attitude and a company’s internal workings. By the end of this section you’ll have identified your major profit leaks from amongst these seventeen.

Part Two gets you to look at a purchasing decision from the buyer’s perspective, mapping the way that real people really buy things onto the Watertight Marketing framework. It’s an operational model that’s easy to follow and means your marketing will deliver long-term sales results. You’ll know what you need to say, how to say it, when, and to whom.

Part Three takes the concepts above and shows you how to apply them in practice. It works through fixing the Touchpoint Leaks with case studies and a fully worked example. It will equip any small business with what they need to plug the gaps they find. It challenges the picture that a classic sales funnel visual paints in your mind. Just because you can draw a neat funnel, does not mean that there is one. In reality, the buying decision, and the marketing and sales process a business has in place to support it, is much more irregular. Every time you see, or refer to, a sales funnel or sales pipeline, I want you to re-imagine it as:

  • Your Taps: Ways of generating interest in your offer.
  • Your Funnels: The tools and techniques you use to channel that interest and move people through to trying you out.
  • Your Bucket: Those things that come together to keep your customers your customers.

And, although it can seem tempting to put your energy into running those Taps as hard as you can, to really improve your profits, you’ll be asked to start at the bottom and work up. If you keep this picture in mind, you’ll quickly see why this is so critical. After all, there’s no point running Taps if you can’t Funnel the water. And, there’s no point Funneling water to a Bucket that has a hole in it.

Part Four is about making this happen in your business. It closes off those Foundation Leaks, by showing you how to plan and pay for a Watertight Marketing operation, and then measure your success. What’s more, your plan will be built to respond to ever-changing market conditions. You’ll then be challenged to make marketing a good habit for the rest of your business life.

Getting Watertight Marketing in place means that you can step off the exhausting roller coaster of being up one minute and down the next: selling then delivering, then selling then delivering, then selling then delivering – never quite reaching those sustainable, predictable and growing sales results that your small business needs to become a bigger business.

And, when that happens… who knows, someone might just come knocking with a big fat cheque with your name on it.