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Do you help small businesses that want to grow?

Watertight Marketing Expert Community

We’re looking for consultants, coaches, and delivery partners to join the Watertight Marketing Expert Community…

Rachael-Consultant-TestimonialDo you coach, advise or train growing businesses?

The Watertight Marketing methodology has been developed and refined over the last decade. What we have is a powerful and comprehensive process for supporting non-marketers in gaining to core marketing knowledge they need to make confident decisions. This is delivered through our flagship applied learning programme, Marketing Masterplan. This can be accessed as a public programme or delivered by a licensed consultant within an organisation. We need people to help us deliver this. Is that you?

Do you provide marketing or marketing-related services to growing business?

We now have a cohort of around 50 businesses coming out the end of programme every three months. More often than not, they are looking for reliable marketing specialists to put their new plan into powerful effect. They tend to be looking for people to build websites, write copy, undertake design work, create videos, manage their social media, etc. We need people equipped to support them with that. Is that you?

Do you offer strategic marketing or business growth consultancy to small businesses?

Through the programme, our monthly members’ club and events schedule, we also have more than 10 inbound enquiries every month from MDs of step-up businesses looking for a consultant or coach to work hands-on with a business on a particular marketing or business growth challenge. Our current network only has capacity to take on around two of these each month. We need proven business growth and marketing consultants to pass these leads to. Is that you?

Decision Tree Download

 Would you like to use our materials with your clients?

  • Using the Watertight Marketing methodology with your clients.
  • Plugging in our digital products as an add-on to what you do.
  • Working with clients to implement the plans they come up with through our programmes.
  • Using our plug-and-play workshop packs to supplement your own income streams.
  • Earning a healthy commission on anyone you point in our direction.
  • Appearing on our directory of marketing suppliers.
  • Showcasing your brand to our community.

If yes, do watch our Q&A with Bryony Thomas on ways of working with us.

 There are three ways to work with us…

We want to equip as many business owners and social entrepreneurs as possible with the knowledge they need to make confident marketing decisions. So, we’re growing a community of experts to use our powerful IP with their own clients. You could join us in one of three ways. We’ve put together a decision tree diagram to help you work out is this might be right for you.

Official ResellerOfficial Reseller

This means you can use the methodology in one-to-one engagements and gain healthy commission for anyone you direct to our products. This is the perfect licence for marketing implementors or business service providers, e.g. accountants, freelance marketing project managers, graphic designers, etc.

Official PartnerOfficial Partner

This means you can use the methodology in up to four workshops each year, and partner your own clients through our Marketing Masterplan programme. This is the licence to go for if you are a practical marketing consultant providing hands-on support, or discipline specific advice (e.g. public relations, social media, etc.) to clients, but not interested in presenting to large groups or running one-to-many workshops.

Accredited ConsultantAccredited Consultant

This is our highest licence and gives extensive freedom for you to use the Watertight Methodology as a central part of your offering, we also give you end-to-end sales support, and training & mentoring with Bryony Thomas. This is the licence to go for if one-to-many workshops and board-level strategy floats your boat. It will be from amongst this pool that we find co-authors for industry specific iterations of the methodology. This will include a co-authored book and adapted version of the Masterplan programme.