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I’m looking for proven marketing consultants that clients can trust to work strategically to deliver long-term sales results. I want to be on your team – driving you brilliant leads and supporting your personal and business growth.” Bryony Thomas

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There are over 18,000 people on LinkedIn within the UK who call themselves a ‘marketing consultant’– how do you set yourself apart from this crowd? 10 reasons to join By becoming a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, you join an elite group of marketers who set themselves apart by delivering sustainable, long-term, sales results for ambitious growing businesses. And, get paid what they deserve for doing so.

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Listen back to the creator of Watertight Marketing – Bryony Thomas – in a live Q&A with interested consultants:

  • Find out how to get listed on the country’s fastest growing directory of quality-assessed marketing consultants
  • Find out more about the Watertight Marketing methodology
  • Learn about the accreditation opportunity for independent marketing consultants
  • See how this will set you apart and generate sustainable revenues
  • Understand the levels of accreditation and the benefits of each
  • Hear the answers to the questions that were asked live

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If that’s a yes. Thank you. The first thing to do if you’re interested is to read Watertight Marketing, if you have not already done so. There really is very little point in taking this further without first seeing if you like the methodology. You can grab a free chapter or buy the book. Then, if you like it, please do head on back to the recording to see if this sounds right to you.
Joshua Morse

I benefit enormously from working with Bryony as a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant. Her insightful mentoring and working with the other brilliant consultants in the network is only the beginning. I’ve also benefited from no fewer than three intellectually stimulating and handsomely rewarded client assignments in the first six months of working together. If you are marketing consultant who really knows their stuff, and is passionate about transforming businesses for the better, you should be talking to Bryony about how Watertight Marketing can help you grow your own business.” Joshua Morse, Accredited Consultant

Ben Wheeler - Marketing Consultant

As one of the first marketing consultants to join the Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant network, I would like to recommend Bryony and thank her for all the work that’s gone into establishing this exciting new initiative. She is great to work with – putting together an impressive range of services and support and using the Watertight Marketing book and brand to generate attractive leads and new business for consultants in the network. It’s early days, but I have already benefitted enormously. In fact, I’ve covered the cost of the first year’s licence fees within just two months of joining. If you want to take your marketing consultancy career to the next level (and work with a great bunch of fellow marketers) – talk to Bryony.” Ben Wheeler, Accredited Consultant


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