Claire Kennedy

Strategic Marketing Consultant, Claire Kennedy

Location: Hertfordshire
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Claire Kennedy is a classically trained marketer with over 20 years experience in marketing including 10 years in brand marketing roles in blue-chip companies such as Mars, Heineken and Baxters. After leaving the corporate world behind, Claire has spent the last 10 years providing marketing consultancy for both large and small businesses ranging from large corporates such as Pepsi-Co to start-ups with a solo entrepreneur in the driving seat!

She is able to combine the proven marketing thinking learnt while working with national brands with the Watertight Marketing methodology to help clients of all sizes to develop a clear marketing strategy centred around a product or service offering that is as irresistible as possible to its target customers.

Claire’s real passion is helping aspirational businesses that are looking to make a step change in their performance. She works with clients to help them pinpoint what they are trying to achieve, where they should focus their resources for best returns, what genuine value they offer their customers, how to best communicate this and how to best engage with their customers to achieve sustainable sales.

Like all at Watertight Marketing, she hates seeing clients waste money on ineffective marketing activities and works with clients to ensure they have the fundamentals right before investing their hard earned money on marketing activity.

Clients value her skill in bringing clarity to complexity and in balancing structured marketing methodology with the flexibility and creativity that fuels entrepreneurial business growth.


Claire’s focus is on helping businesses to develop their marketing strategy and providing them with the support and relevant tools to help them to implement this going forward.


Claire’s early career was spent in Food & Drink but in the last 10 years she has worked across a broad range of sectors including clients in professional services, the travel sector, education and charity organisations.


  • Bringing clarity to complexity
  • Ability to get to the heart of the issue
  • Identification of different solutions to challenges
  • Clear communication skills

The Why: Mission, Vision & Objective Setting

  • Working with businesses to clarify their mission, vision and objectives i.e. why they exist and what they want to achieve.

The What: Proposition Development & Branding

  • Proposition development
  • Ensuring the products or services offered have a clear value proposition (i.e. what value does your product or service offer to your customer, how does it make their life better?)
  • Branding – Ensuring the product or company brand is as engaging as possible
  • New product development – Identifying new product or service areas to drive growth
  • Research & insight identification to develop the above.

The How: Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

  • Identifying and segmenting the key customer groups to target
  • Developing a marketing strategy & plan that ensures effective delivery of business objectives to achieve the identified vision
  • Product portfolio management to ensure the right focus on the right areas of the portfolio
  • Communication development – Identifying the most engaging messages for the target customers
  • Developing Marketing activity briefs – Ensuring clear briefs to guide marketing activity
  • Performance reviews to analyse results from marketing activity
  • Marketing team mentoring and coaching.



“Claire is one of those people that has powerful balance of being both a commanding and comforting presence. The confidence she has in her own knowledge often manifests in asking precisely the right question. She also has the ability to switch gear, moving from deep strategic thinking to creative brain-storming when needed. A strong, strategic and caring person to have on your team. “ Bryony Thomas, Author & Founder, Watertight Marketing

Claire has a Masters in Economics and Management.

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