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Watertight Marketing is the multi-award winning methodology created by Bryony Thomas, captured in the best-selling book. 

"If I see a business that's onto something, bursting to step things up, I'm almost phyically compelled to help them. If that's you, I can't instantly magic the methodology into your mind, but I can magic the book into your hands." Bryony Thomas, Creator, Watertight Marketing

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What is Watertight Marketing?

The Entrepreneur's Essential Marketing Manual, and so much more...

Designed and refined over the last decade across over 1000 companies, Watertight Marketing is a proven and powerful approach captured in the best-selling book by Bryony Thomas. With your copy, and the companion toolkit it unlocks, you have the entrepreneur's essential manual for marketing that supports every step of the sale.  

Follow this proven and powerful methodology, with the support of the growing community of experts and peers, to step off the rollercoaster and take calm, confident steps towards sustainable sales growth.

Watertight Marketing

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  • An end-to-end methodology to marketing that supports every step of a sale.
  • A comprehensive toolkit to put the ideas into powerful effect for your business.
  • An invitation into a supportive community of others on the same journey and experts to put your challenges to.
  • Access to the book's author in a lively Facebook group and online events. 

What some other marketing pros say...

Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin, Founder, One of Many

"I've been doing this stuff for the last 13 years, and I can honestly say that there is nobody better than Bryony Thomas and her Watertight Marketing methodology. Seriously, I've read so many books and done so many courses on marketing. Nothing even comes close.” 

Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird, Copywriter and Marketing Expert

"Sadly, most businesses – especially small ones – either do no marketing or waste money on what they do. Watertight Marketing puts you right. No idle theory, no high-falutin hogwash: Bryony talks from experience, taking you step-by-step through what you need to make the most of every penny you spend on marketing."

Dee Blick

Dee Blick, Author, Marketing on a Shoestring

"The cost of this book is a small price to pay for clear, concise, waffle-free advice. If there’s one thing that a small business has to do in order to be successful in today’s crowded marketplace it is to be marketing savvy and access advice that works in tough times and good times, provided they put the time & effort in."

What our own customers say...

Patrick Nash

Patrick Nash, CEO, Connect Assist

"Watertight Marketng was a really structured approach to marketing that meant that we could organise our thoughts, to see the bigger picture. From this, we were able to break down long-term goals into specific actions that we can actually put into practice. As a result business grew three-fold within 12 months."

Karen Meager 1

Karen Meager, Managing Director, Monkey Puzzle

"I've just followed the Watertight Marketing process for a whole year and it's been the best investment we've ever made. Bryony's approach is so respectful of clients - no hard selling and no ridiculous quick fix promises. Our clients have commented on how easy and friendly our approach is, which is all due to what we've learned from Bryony."

George Spence

George Spence, MD, RedSpot Storage

"When every penny you spend on marketing is your own money, you need to feel an inner faith. I could see the sense in Watertight Marketing. Fortunately I recognised what good advice sounds like, and it worked – I’ve doubled my customer base. The book is fantastic. The workbooks are ridiculously useful, and the community of experts is second to none."

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