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There’s a lot in the 5-star business book, Watertight Marketing,  about making sure that people get a sense of what they’re getting before they’re a customer. So, in the spirit of practising what one preaches, here are some carefully selected Watertight Marketing goodies to give you a real flavour of the book and the companion material to show why this is the only step-by-step approach an entrepreneur needs to put a marketing operation in place for their business that delivers long-term sales results.

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  • Identify your profit leaks, grab a cuppa and a pen and plug in for this essential marketing masterclass. In 45 minutes you will walk through the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks and leave the session knowing where you’re leaking profit and a prioritised action plan for fixing them. Watch video masterclass

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  • All of Part One – You Are Leaking Profit, a detailed look at the way that real people really buy things and a clear rundown of the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks, where you are almost certainly leaking profit from your business.


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  • Cover Image: A to Z of Content Marketing IdeasA to Z of Content Marketing Ideas, a 41-page guide with over 140 ideas to keep your marketing content flowing. More


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