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The Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant network is the only network of quality-assured marketing consultants in the UK. These proven marketing experts are also fully trained in the multi award-winning Watertight Marketing methodology.

Come along to these monthly lunches to meet other business owners on a similar journey of stepping up their marketing.

You will benefit from a talk about one of the key parts of the Watertight Marketing approach, including  a success showcase from someone putting it into action. We also run a live showcase on one of the marketing challenges from around the table. You are then invited to open Q&A to get expert input on any marketing questions you have.

These are run as no-profit events to bring together people already using the Watertight Marketing approach to bounce ideas, and to give those who may be intrested in doing so a taster of what it's all about.

12 to 2pm (12.30 - 2.30pm for London sessions)

Key Concept

A 20-minute hands-on learning session on a key concept from the Watertight Marketing book with a real client example to show it in action.

Surgery Session

All attendees can submit their marketing challenges ahead of time, the trickiest will be selected to be live-surgeried around the table. 

Open Q&A

The lunch ends with open Q&A in which you can throw us any marketing questions you have to get a bit of expert and peer input.

Hosts for upcoming sessions...


Peter Baynes will be hosting the next Lunch & Learn in London on
18th January 2018
£35 + VAT
Details & Booking


Kara Stanford will be hosting the next Winchester Lunch on 
30th January 2018
£35 + VAT
Details & Booking


Bryony Thomas will be hosting the next Bristol lunch on
9th January 2018
£35 + VAT
Details & Booking

What Previous Attendees Say

"I often make the trip from Leicester to the London lunches and it always worth it. Excellent hands-on advice specific to your business."

Hollie Brooks, MiaFleur

"Watertight Marketing cut away the chaff to leave you with a clear plan of action. These bite-sized morsels are a great way to talk through business challenges with a friendly, lively group. And the food is great too.’"

Stuart Roberts, Future Content

"Great lunch in London today. I would recommend other's to attend. Excellent food, company and learning. They go above & beyond, as always."

Peter Gray, Protech Property Solutions

What is Watertight Marketing?

Watertight Marketing is the powerful & proven methodology captured in the best-selling book, by Bryony Thomas.

In 2008, Bryony  started her journey to what is today the Watertight Marketing Methodology. First, building a six-figure marketing consultancy where she designed and delivered the 12-month marketing transformation programmes that she has now captured in her best-selling book and mentoring programmes  –  Watertight Marketing

This deeply practical marketing book captures a powerful step-by-step process that any business can use to review, renew and run a marketing operation that delivers long-term sales results. With over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon, feedback from real business owners has been phenomenal. And, we've picked up a number of accolades too:

* Chartered Institute of Marketing, Book of the Month 2013.
* Winner - National Indie Excellence Awards 2014
* Runner-up - Small Business Book Awards 2014
* Finalist - International Book Awards 2015.

Who are these sessions for?

The typical profile of someone who thoroughly engages with Watertight Marketing is someone with a responsibility for profit in an ambitious business that wants to step things up. They'll be the kind of person who appreciates a bit of structure to organise their thoughts.

For example: 
* The owner of a £2 to £10m business looking to structure their business for scale or for sale.
* The lead marketing or sales on an ambitious board who wants to spearhead a step change in sales results.
* A frustrated entrepreneur who knows they're onto something but can't seem to break through the plateau they've reached.

We do not peddle get-rich-quick schemes, silver bullets or magic wands. In fact, the real-world approach will come as a relief to business people who've heard it all before. Bryony Thomas can certainly put on a show, and attendess will thoroughly enjoy the session, but what they will love even more is the depth of thought and the true value they can take back to their business.

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