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A one-year programme that means you can make confident marketing decisions for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

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Who is this for?

Would you like one piece of chocolate now, or two in 10 minutes?

A wide variety of organisations have used the Marketing Masterplan to structure sustainable sales growth. And they all have on thing in common: They are run by "two sweets later people".

two sweets

What does this mean? It's based on a famous experiment to test toddlers' capacity for delayed gratification (one sweet now, or two sweets later). This is relevant because the Marketing Masterplan is very different from those ridiculous 'miracle blueprints for overnight success'. Instead it's a year-long investment in truly understanding how to make confident marketing decisions. Not just now, but for every step of your business growth.  

Already the Marketing Masterplan has proven a brilliant investment for organisations in one of these two typical scenarios:

Starting to Seriously Step Things Up

If you're a small team that knows you're onto something and planning to seriously scale things up, this programme is a key investment to get you off the rollercoaster and into sustainable sales growth.

Step up

Managing a Key Milestone in Your Growth

If you're a successful seven-figure business with a key milestone on the horizon, like an exit, acquisition, investment or succession from founder to MD, this programme gives you the structure you need.


If you don't quite fit this picture, ask us about our packages for solo-entrepreneurs or third sector organisations.

Patrick Nash

"It was a really structured approach to marketing that meant that we could organise our thoughts, to see the bigger picture. From this, we were able to break down long-term goals into specific actions that we can actually put into practice. As a result business grew three-fold within 12 months, and we've now hit £5m turnover."" 

Patrick Nash, CEO, Connect Assist  

What's included?

The Marketing Masterplan is a supported online programme. This means that you are guided through carefully sequenced online resources, step-by-step, by real human beings. Human beings who are trained and experienced in doing this stuff for real businesses, like yours.

It’s not one of those 'buy it now and never get round to doing it' things. There's 12-months of content, that we estimate takes around 6-12 hours per month to work through. You complete the programme in four 12-week stints that start when you say go. We match you up with your expert accountability partner, and welcome you in to a community of peers. You set your own pace. There are two years in which to complete all four modules. 

When you're done we'll toast your success at our annual party, and warmly welcome you as a lifetime member of our Masterplan group. Bryony keeps a close eye on what our Masterplanners do next, and loves nothing more than shining a light on your success.

Workshops and Seminars

For Your Whole Team

You'll have one person to lead the process, and space for up to four colleagues to also access the resources so that you can apply the learning across your whole team.


Monthly Rhythm

When you're ready to start each module, we'll support you with a clear monthly structure so that you keep on track.


Weekly Check-ins

You can join Bryony Thomas every Friday on a group call to unpick your challenges and fire your motivation.


Expert Partner

You are matched with an expert partner who has at least 10 years experience, and is fully trained in the methodology for a monthly 1-2-1 to track progress.


Real Peer Community

You'll join our lively group of current and past programme delegates to share ideas and cheer you on. You'll be invited to meet them in person too!


Comprehensive Toolkit

Full access to the key concept videos, workbooks, tutorials, templates, Q&A recordings, etc. for up to two years.

"Doing the Marketing Masterplan with Watertight Marketing has been the best business investment I’ve ever made. We used the materials to brief our sales team, and as a direct result landed a game changing contract for our business." 

Karen Meager, Co-Founder, Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy  

Karen Meager 2

Programme Breakdown 

Proven Methodology from the Best-Selling Book  

The Marketing Masterplan has been designed by Bryony Thomas to accompany her multi-award winning book, Watertight Marketing. The Four Modules follow the Four Parts in the book, and each month focuses on applying your learning from each chapter.  

This is a breakthrough book that has over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon and over five years in its best-sellers list. It captures the core principles of the comprehensive methodology that Bryony has designed, refined and proven over nearly two decades and across over 1000 businesses. 

Watertight Marketing

The book is brilliant. But, it’s just the start of your journey in mastering the thorough and game-changing Watertight Marketing methodology. This programme walks you through every idea so that you master the fundamentals, shift your mindset, and join the ever-growing movement of people using this illuminating process to step off the rollercoaster and feel the relief of sustainable sales growth.

Module 1: Map Your Marketing

Understanding how people make considered buying decisions and how well you are currently set-up to support that. 


Outcome: Clarify what you are selling to whom and why?



Outcome: Map cause and effect across six steps in a buying decision.


Outcome: Create your priority plan to support every step of a sale.

Module 2: Build Your Baseline

Create a clear marketing activity plan becomes your ongoing baseline to maintain flow through your sales process.


Outcome: Create a compelling message for each step of a sale.

Logic Sandwich


Outcome: Select core tools & techniques and commit to a rhythm.

Right to Time


Outcome: Map the third parties that have influence at each step of a sale.

Logic Sandwich

Module 3: Tweak Your Leaks

Create cornerstone content, systems and offers to enable delivery of your baseline marketing plan from Module 2.


Outcome: Plug any leaks in your bucket to support customer retention.



Outcome: Create core tools to support sales conversations that convert.



Outcome: Make clear choices about how to generate leads efficiently.


Module 4: Make Marketing Habit

Getting precise focus on the money, metrics and mindset to make marketing happen day-in and day-out.


Outcome: Powerful budgeting tool to visualise rationale.



Outcome: A robust measurement framework to track performance.



Outcome: The motivation and mindset to make marketing a habit.


See what our clients say

"This course is really inspirational. I've got a much more structured approach now. A really cost-effective way of getting expert input."

Ellen Sziede | Marketing Manager | African Conservation Experience 

"Doing the Watertight Marketing course means I clearly know why and what I'm doing in our marketing. It was well worth it."

Suzanne Fordham | Co-Founder | Tripcatcher

"What I found most powerful about the programme was that we create our own priority order. Reall good value for money."

Kevin Snowball | CEO | We Care & Repair

"We doubled both turnover and profit in 12 months by following Bryony’s Marketing Masterplan. Joining the online course working through the book in more detail, with weekly Q&A calls with the author, Bryony Thomas was without doubt the best marketing decision I’ve ever made." 

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder, MiaFleur  

Hollie Brooks

About Bryony Thomas

This programme is designed and delivered by Bryony Thomas. The author of Watertight Marketing. Bryony has a refreshing honesty and integrity, setting her apart from many an 'overnight success' that pops up on Facebook hawking self-taught techniques from in front of 'their’ yacht. She is that rare combination of schooled and scrutinised. 

Bryony has delivered significant sales results in every role she’s ever occupied. From leading a winning £1m pitch for the Microsoft account aged 26, to landing the role of divisional Director of Marketing for FTSE 100, Experian, just two years later. Since setting up on her own in 2008, Bryony's Watertight Marketing methodology has added £1m+ to the bottom line of at least one business every year.

As a Chartered Marketer with an award-winning MBA under her belt, you have the extra reassurance that her approach is academically informed. 

Bryony Thomas

Annual Celebration & Awards

One of the lovely touches on this programme is that we get together each year to connect, celebrate and recognise all delegates. This is a chance to raise a glass with people you may have only met online. Bryony hosts the party, and is joined by the experts who've supported your journey. You may even be lucky enough to pick up one of the Awards that Bryony selects each year for those who've made the most of the process.


"It’s hard to express how good I think the Marketing Masterplan is. It’s really brilliantly illuminating, focused and founded in things we can actually do. And, the honesty, generosity and integrity of Bryony’s approach is truly refreshing." 

David Hughes, Director, Anatomised  

David Hughes

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We are currently accepting people onto our waiting list to join when we next have an expert partner available. Secure 2017 prices by applying now.

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 £3000 + VAT one-off, or £300 +VAT per month for 12 months

If your business has less that £50k annual turnover, talk to us about the Micro Masterplan from £1800 + VAT or £180 + VAT per month. Are you a charity or social enterprise? Call us on 0117 325 77 25 for some lovely extra bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who in our business is best to do this?

It’s important to have the CEO or MD involved. We recommend that they at least watch the one-hour chapter video each month. The person in your business responsible for marketing, accompanied by the person heading up sales, are best-placed to dive into the deeper content. You can then pull in other members of your team as and when you need their input. You designate one programme lead - this is the person who has the accountability calls, and open up four places for team delegates who have access to all of the same online resources. 

When does the programme start?

The programme is on-demand, you can start at a time that suits you. Once you’re accepted onto the programme you have two years in which to complete all four modules. Each module is a 12-week stint that starts when you click ‘go’. You’re matched with an expert partner at the start of each 12-week module. 

How much time does the course take?

The minimum amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to this programme to get value is 12 hours per month, though many have decided to dedicate more to gain even more from it. We recommend that the business leader spends at least 2 hours each month to watch the Chapter video in week 1, and then catch up with their team on how they’ve applied the ideas at the end of the month. The Lead Delegate will need to find around 2-4 hours each week to do the learning and pen and paper exercises. Others in your team can dip in and out under direction of your nominated course lead.

How much time do we get with Bryony?

Bryony has designed every element of this programme. Every minute of the 70+ hours of video content is of Bryony’s making. You also have weekly access to a live group call with Bryony (unless she’s on holiday or on a stage somewhere, in which case we substitute with one of our most experienced Accredited Consultants). These calls are up to 90 minutes. She is also in the Facebook Group most days, answering questions and queries as they come in. If you add-on a workshop pack, or come along to our annual conference you will have even more time with her. Bryony accepts three one-to-one coaching clients each year. There is a waiting list for these spots. Please let us know if you want details on that. 

Who will be my Accountability Partner?

The Accountability Partners are drawn from the Watertight Markeitng Expert network. These experts have been fully trained and licensed in the Watertight Marketing methodology, and have over 10 years of business experience. You will be matched with a partner when you kick off each module.

What happens if I miss a live session?

The Friday Q&A sessions are recorded and available to replay in our archive for up to four weeks. 

Is a copy of the book included?

Yes, a digital copy of Watertight Marketing is included for all delegates on the Marketing Masterplan programme. 

How many people in my team can access the materials?

Five. You designate one programme lead - this is the person who has the accountability calls, and open up four places for team delegates who have access to all of the same online resources. If you want to add more people to the programme, there is a per person fee of £500 + VAT.

What happens if I can’t keep up?

You can pace this programme to suit your business. You hit ‘go’ when you’re ready for a module. We suggest that you block the time out for this before you do so. You can then pause before starting the next module. You have two years in which to complete 12 months of content. If you wish to extend that period, that can be arranged. Some clients also choose to add in-house sessions with one of our Experts to ensure that they stay on track or catch-up if they’ve fallen a little behind.

Are there any discounts available?

We offer all charities and social enterprises a 25% discount on all of our programmes. Please call us on 0117 325 77 25 for details on this. We also have a Micro version of this programme for one delegate, which is open to businesses with less that £50k annual turnover.

Does this count towards my CPD?

We are not formally registered to issue Continual Professional Development (CPD) points. We do issue Module Completion Certificates that outline the time you’ve put into the programme. These have been successfully submitted as evidence of CPD by many previous Masterplanners.

Does this give me a qualification of some kind?

No. We do not issue a qualification. This is an applied learning programme to help you to grow your business. It does not entitle you to use the Intellectual Property with your own clients. If you wish to do that, please talk to us about becoming a licensed member of our Watertight Marketing Expert Network. 

Can we accelerate the programme?

Yes. You can work directly with a licensed Watertight Marketing Expert to create an in-house version of this programme for you at whatever pace suits your business.

What if we need more support?

We run Lunch & Learn seminars across the UK every month, to which you are very much invited. We also run an extensive programme of public workshops, which you can add on at any time. You can also contract with one of licensed experts to run these for you in-house, or to work with you in a tailored consulting engagement alongside the Marketing Masterplan. 

Are there any other costs to think about?

If you wish to attend a Lunch & Learn, workshop, our annual Awards Party, or work one-to-one with one of our experts, these will be charged in addition. You may also want to purchase some of the printed course materials if you want to save your time in printing them your end, or want them in the bigger sizes that we have available.

Emma Insley

"One of the tweaks that I made as a direct result of completing Module 1 of the Marketing Masterplan landed me a client that covered the costs of the course three times over." 

Emma Insley, Third Sector Consultant, Fundraiser and Facilitator 


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