Watertight Webschool

Watertight Webschool

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A structured and supported 12-part e-learning programme to develop your marketing strategy.

The structure to get your marketing seriously sorted!

I joined the ‘Watertight Webschool’ which is an online course working through the book in more detail, with weekly Q&A calls with the author, Bryony Thomas and that was without doubt the best marketing decision I’ve ever made!” Hollie Brooks, MiaFleur

Are you ready to get serious about marketing? Maybe you’ve come to realise that what you’re doing just isn’t gaining momentum, or you’re just not hitting the growth you think you could. If you want your marketing to deliver, and you want input from a marketer proven to deliver sales results rather than rhetoric, this is very probably the course for you.

The most incisive view of a structured approach to marketing that I can recall ever hearing. Really, bloody good. And great, warm presentation style.” Richard Gregory

It can be a challenge to give yourself the head space to think clearly about how to step up your business. The Watertight Webschool is hosted by me, Bryony Thomas, creator and author of Watertight Marketing, as your companion and guide over twelve weeks, and your supporter over 12 months.

You’ll be sent a one-hour lesson each week. You can then complete the structured exercises to work up a brilliant plan you know will work for your business. This course is structured around the 5-star business book, Watertight Marketing. So you will need to grab yourself a copy.

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses from FTSE 100 companies to one man in his bedroom get their marketing in shape. If that’s what you want. I want to help you. The Watertight Webschool is a 12-part programme dedicated to getting a 12-month plan in place for your business that puts you on a sustainable upward curve. You are supported for a whole year.

The best marketing training I’ve seen for a very long time.” Steve Hards

Watertight Webschool SyllabusWith a weekly video lesson, and a weekly live Q&A call with Bryony Thomas, you’ll cover:

  • Week 1: The definition of marketing
  • Week 2: Mapping marketing tasks to the buying decision
  • Week 3: Identifying and prioritising the profit leaks in your set-up
  • Week 4: Working out what you need to say (messages)
  • Week 5: Working out how you earn the right to your buyers’ time (how & when)
  • Week 6: Working out who your buyers turn to (your audiences)
  • Week 7: Fixing the holes in your Bucket
  • Week 8: Getting effective funnels in place
  • Week 9: Turning a manageable flow of enquiries on
  • Week 10: Developing a marketing plan you can afford and flex
  • Week 11: Setting meaningful and mindful marketing metrics
  • Week 12: Making marketing a healthy long-term habit
  • Plus – access to the weekly Q&A for a whole year.
  • Plus – a one-to-one with me to review your plan.
  • Plus – access to the whole video library of over 50 hours of advice for a whole year.
  • Plus – lifetime access to a lively and supportive Facebook group.
  • Oh and, discounts on Members’ Lunch and anything from our kit of support tools.

You give practical advice and good examples which are easy to follow. It’s excellent. Well done.” Doug Mulcahy

  • How does the course run?

It’s an on-demand eLearning course in 12 parts. First you get lifetime access to the Members’ Area to download your toolkit. You’ll then be delivered a weekly email, which invites you to a one-hour webcast lesson, directed reading and instructions on the workbook exercises to complete. And, of course you have access to everything on the Watertight Whiteboard.

  • Is this course for me?

If you’re the person in charge of marketing your business, and you want to be sure that is set-up to deliver long-term sales results – then, yes, this course is for you.

  • How much time will I need?

Hey, I don’t know how smart you are. But, I’d guess at 2-3 hours per week for 12 weeks.

  • What if I miss a week?

Although the lessons are delivered to you weekly, they are all hosted in the Members’ Area. This mean you can go faster or slower, and take a break if you need to. You’ll have access for a whole year, so if you try something and find you want to refine it later in the year, you can!

  • Do I get any one-to-one time with you?

Yes, you get up to an hour in a 1 Sort-it Skype session. You can book this at any time in your year. Most people do this at the end to get their plan reviewed. You can also join a one-hour live group Q&A session every week, ask questions of me and your peers in the private LinkedIn group, and ask questions on the lesson page within the Members’ Area.

  • Will I see immediate results?

No. I’m a marketer not a magician. Sustainable results take a bit longer to achieve. The analogy I use is of fitness, You may need to shift a few pounds, and do some regular training before you can run a marathon. You will definitely know whether it’s been worth it by the end of the 12 months in which you have access to the materials.

  • When does it start?

Whenever you’re ready. It’s a digital course that jumps when you say so. When you sign-up, you’ll get an initial welcome and a few admin things to complete, then your first lesson will be delivered a few days later.

Let’s just summarise what you get for your money: A clear and structured action plan to get your marketing to deliver long-term sales results, supported by:

  • Your copy of Watertight Marketing
  • Your four Watertight Marketing Workbooks
  • The complete set of VA-Voom! worked examples
  • The complete Watertight Whiteboard for 12 months
  • A 12-week structured programme with video lesson and suggested homework
  • A weekly live Q&A for a whole year
  • One Sort-it Skype session with Bryony to review your plan
  • Invitation to the private LinkedIn group
  • Lifetime access to the Watertight Marketing toolkit and members’ Facebook Group

Your style of delivery, on top of a very sound foundation not only of knowledge and experience but also of deep caring for your clients (real and potential), is absolutely refreshing in this era of mid-Atlantic hype. (I was going to write “trans-Atlantic” but since it comes equally from both sides of the duck pond it seemed more suitable to put “mid-Atlantic”. It’s also wetter.)” Ian Carter

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