A Bucket Load of Marketing Expertise Comes to Exeter and South Devon

Award-winning marketing methodology available to Exeter businesses from September

Bristol, 06.08.15 – Small to medium businesses in Exeter and South Devon now have a local Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant in Stephen Bateman. Stephen is now counted amongst only nine people to have reached the strict criteria to join the country’s only network of quality-assured independent marketing consultants.

Stephen Bateman - Accredited Marketing Consultant in Exeter

The network is run by Bryony Thomas, the multi award-winning marketer and best-selling author of ‘Watertight Marketing’. The network was launched in early 2014 to reassure business owners that they are engaging a consultant that can deliver genuine, high quality, fairly-priced strategic marketing advice.

Accredited Consultants are also the only people fully trained and licensed to use the powerful Watertight Marketing methodology, captured in the book.

Published in 2013, ‘Watertight Marketing’ describes the problem with the common analogy of the sales process being a funnel: if you pour water in at the top, it all comes out the bottom. Bryony demonstrates how it may look like a funnel, but that it is dangerous to think it behaves like one.

The new approach turns marketing on its head. Bryony describes effective end-to-end marketing being based on a watertight bucket, and working up from there.

The methodology now available to local entrepreneurs, guides business owners through a step-by-step process to identify where the ‘leaks’ are in the buying process and how to ‘plug’ them.

With its focus on long-term profits, local accountants Wheelers were immediately attracted to the approach. They have joined forces with Stephen Bateman to host a morning seminar in Exeter on 15 September. Business owners and those responsible for sales and marketing are invited to join Bryony Thomas for a highly practical session.

Bryony, who speaks for the likes of The Guardian and the Academy for Chief Executives, will take attendees through her structured process of self-questioning, enabling them to complete a personalised priority action plan that they can apply in their own business to achieve immediate results.

Stephen Bateman commented:

The Watertight Marketing methodology is so crystal clear and ingenious that I wanted to spend time absorbing the framework and learning the methodology to pass on to business owners in Devon and Somerset. What’s exciting about the seminar, is that attendees will leave knowing where to focus their marketing efforts, and in what order to address their leaks for fastest payback.”

Bryony Thomas, author and creator of Watertight Marketing, added:

Stephen Bateman is an excellent addition to the network. His thorough, and logical approach to marketing sits powerfully with the Watertight framework. It’s exciting to see the ideas reach another business community. I love running the ‘tweak your leaks’ session planned for this event… you can literally see business owners spot simple ways to seriously up their profits.”

Wheelers Chartered AccountantsLocal business owners and journalists are invited to meet Bryony Thomas, Stephen Bateman, and Desmond Danes and Val Tribble of Wheelers Chartered Accountants, at Gipsy Hill Hotel on Tuesday 15 September 2015 from 9 am to 2 pm. Attendees will leave with their own marketing priority plan, as well as being able to ask a panel of experts about effective small business marketing that gets results.

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