Aberdeen Business news : Aberdeen Businesses Urged to Plug their Profit Leaks

Bestselling marketing author Bryony Thomas visited Aberdeen yesterday to talk at her first event in the North East.

In her powerful session she urged business owners to start plugging the leaks in their marketing process in order to maximise their profits.

She focused on the thirteen touchpoint leaks outlined in her award-winning book, Watertight Marketing, providing practical tips for attracting and retaining customers through the entire buying process.

The fast-paced seminar was organised by Julie Mitchell-Mehta, owner of Début Marketing, who is the only Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant in Scotland. She is keen to introduce the Watertight Marketing methodology to Aberdeen businesses and explained why, “Bryony introduces a no-nonsense approach to marketing which adds structure to many of the activities that small businesses are doing already. It highlights very clearly the areas that need attention and provides a straightforward way of prioritising them”

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