Bristol Post : Bristol-based Watertight Marketing expands across the country, with new consultants in Aberdeen and Hampshire

A MARKETING approach created by a Bristol entrepreneur is beginning to expand across the country. Watertight Marketing, a methodology for growing businesses created by Bristol-based marketing expert Bryony Thomas, has expanded its network to include consultants in Aberdeen and Hampshire.

Last year Watertight Marketing announced the formation of its accredited consultant network, in which consultants are trained and licensed to deliver the methodology set out in Bryony’s book of the same name.

Founding members included three Bristol-based consultants, Rachael Wheatley, Ben Wheeler and Cheryl Crichton. They were later joined by Gloucester-based Joshua Morse. Now, Julie Mitchell-Mehta from Aberdeen, Kara Stanford from Hampshire, and another local consultant – Ros Conkie from Portishead have joined. Bryony said: “I want entrepreneurs to feel confident about choosing a marketing consultant. So many told me it was a frustrating experience, that I knew something had to be done.”

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