Business & Finance: MDs – is it your marketing knowledge holding your business back?

If, time after time, marketing fails to deliver; it might be time to ask a difficult question:

Is it you – the MD or chief executive of your business – who’s holding your business back?

As I’ve moved from the big corporate marketing director role into supporting growing businesses, I found myself spending the first weeks of an engagement working not as a marketing consultant, but as a marketing confidante. Bringing the MD up-to-speed on how marketing really works, so that they can make great marketing decisions, and lead a process of change to being systematic about marketing that support their growth plans.

The difficult thing for an MD to realise is that he or she may not know enough about marketing to take the business to the next step. Here is a rundown of the red flags that may indicate that it is the MD that needs to up his/her skills.

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