Growth Business: The marketing formula for getting noticed

Whilst I’m fairly sure that there is no such thing as a marketing magic wand, there is a bit of magic formula to getting noticed. It was drummed into me by Mark Mason, (then at Mason Zimbler) when I was a fresh-faced marketing novice.

Well over a decade later, I come back to it almost daily. It is the awareness equation, and it goes like this:

Impact X Frequency = Awareness

Think about it for a moment. Think about stuff that you know… how did you come to know it?

Think about something life-changing. When you were first told about it, your stomach flipped and your heart pounded… how many times did you need to be told to remember? I’m betting it was just the once. That’s impact.

Now think about something you know that was a bit dull. Like your times tables. How many times did you have to repeat them to remember them? Tens? Hundreds? It’s a lot more than once, that’s for sure! That’s frequency.

Now, bring these together to think about your marketing. Most products and services aren’t exactly earth shattering. So, you’ll need to up the impact to get noticed. Then, up the frequency to get remembered. It’s not either/or. It’s both. If you have something really impactful, but it’s only briefly glimpsed, it’s unlikely to be remembered. And, if you have something dull – even if you go on about it ad nauseam, it will usually still go unnoticed. So, how do you up both your Impact and your frequency to increase the chances of being well known for what you do?

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