Watertight Marketing – a book and website by business author, Bryony Thomas  – yesterday secured over £5000 in an ‘all or nothing’ crowdfunding challenge.

Fully Funded22 November 2012 – Small business owner and author of ‘Watertight Marketing; Delivering long-term sales results’, Bryony Thomas, has successfully funded the publication of her marketing book and interactive website for entrepreneurs after just 30 days of crowdfunding through the UK-based platform, PleaseFundus.

This is part of what Bryony calls her “mission to stop small businesses running their marketing budgets down the drain.” It provides entrepreneurs with a brand new framework, and a step-by-step process, that turns marketing on its head for better and more sustainable sales results.

The money secured through crowdfunding means that the book is set to hit the shelves in January 2013. She will be publishing with Anoma Press (formerly Ecademy Press), one of a new breed of publishers that bridge the gap between self-publishing and the traditional book deal. Readers will also have access to a powerful companion website that will now include a Touchpoint Traffic Light Tool to pinpoint where a business is leaking profits in its approach to marketing. They will also benefit from an interactive workbook and tracking system to manage and review their marketing progress.

Heather Townsend, who backed the project to the tune of £500, commented:

Bryony is one of the best in the business, and I know her Watertight Marketing toolkit will be a phenomenal resource.” Heather Townsend

The project caught the imagination of 88 backers, which represents nearly 30 per cent more than the platform’s project average. Remarkably, nearly 70 per cent of this support, over £3500, was pledged the last 24 hours.

Bryony Thomas

“Yesterday was a whirlwind”
Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas, author – Watertight Marketing, commented, “Yesterday was a whirlwind. At breakfast I really thought the target was out of reach, but my online network pulled out all the stops. I was literally glued to my screen watching Tweets, Likes and pledges coming in by the minute.” She continued, “It’s been a real boost – not just financially – but in confidence. The fact that so many business people put their hands in their pockets, in the month before Christmas in an uncertain economic environment, shows me that there’s a need for what Watertight Marketing is offering.”

Crowdfunding is an idea imported from the USA that until recently was seen as a way of backing niche, creative or artistic projects. As the success of Watertight Marketing shows, it is now a serious option for innovative entrepreneurs looking for alternative sources of finance.

Ben Hamilton, Community Manager from PleaseFund.Us, commented, “Our all or nothing policy means that we often see projects have a last minute surge when it all comes down to the wire, but for Bryony to garner almost 70% of her overall funding target within the final 24 hours is quite an achievement!” He continued, “It doesn’t just happen by itself. The funds don’t just magically roll in. This is Bryony’s reward for her thorough preparation and continuous hard work throughout her campaign, and we wish her all the best with the publishing of the book and the rest of Watertight Marketing’s future.”

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