5 Hours to goThe Watertight Marketing project has until 3.11pm GMT today to reach its £5,000 crowdfunding target. Backers of this project are helping me to fund the publication of a book and website. The book – Watertight Marketing: Delivering long-term sales results – comes out in January 2013. It walks a small business owner through a step-by-step process of identifying and fixing the leaks in their new business process that waste precious time and money.

The crowdfunding project will help me to add powerful interactive tools and community elements to the book’s accompanying website. These will be available for any small business owner to use. So, with just hours left to reach my target – let’s see if I can convince you to back me.

Three altruistic reasons to back Watertight Marketing…

1.    Businesses with fewer than 250 employees account for over half of the UK’s private sector workforce – if you don’t own one or work for one, you will know someone who does. So, helping small businesses is protecting their jobs.

2.    Today’s small businesses are tomorrow’s big businesses. Equipping ambitious business owners with the tools they need to grow is an investment in the future of the British economy.

3.     The taxes paid by small businesses and their employees now and in the future are essential to continuing public sector funding. So, even if you’re not a businessperson… you can see why we all need people who are!


Three selfish reasons to back Watertight Marketing…

1.    You can get your hands on the Watertight Marketing framework and workbook this side of Christmas so that you make 2013 the year that you make marketing pay.

 2.    When the world cottons onto Watertight Marketing, you can say that you were in at the start and part making it happen.

 3.    Oh, and every single backer – from £1 upwards – will be entered into a draw to win the original signed drawing of the most popular cartoon from the book as a framed one-off work of art.

And, one for more for luck. On this last day of funding I’ve added a new reward for pledges of £15 that’s worth over £200 and gets your business some one-to-one attention!

 Three small business owners who already have…

Now, hands-up, I am the author…  I’m bound to say it’s worth backing. So, here are three small business owners who’ve put their hands in their pockets to back this project.

I asked them to finish this sentence: ‘I’ve backed Watertight Marketing because…’

 “Bryony is one of the best in the business, and I know her toolkit will be a phenomenal resource” Heather Townsend, Partnership Potential

“In a world of information overload a well written business book still represents insanely good value – especially if it contains Bryony's highly respected thinking.” Ben Wheeler, Marketivity

“Bryony has always provided practical advice that lead to great results!” Graces Moores, The Moores Group

 So, it’s the last few hours and I have just under 25% to go on my target. Will I make it? And, will you back me?

Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas

Author and Founder, Watertight Marketing

Bryony is an inspirational marketing speaker, and author of Watertight Marketing (Panoma Press, £14.99). Billed by Start Your Business Magazine as “a must for small businesses.” It was described by one MD as “the entrepreneur’s essential marketing manual”. By another, as the “best business book I’ve ever read.”

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