New book challenges businesses to stop pouring money into a ‘leaking bucket’ and focus on ‘watertight marketing’ strategies that will lead to sustainable, long-term sales results

Watertight MarketingDid you know that most businesses are wasting money on marketing and will continue to do so throughout 2013, often without even realising? At a time when businesses know they need to continuing investing in marketing to support business growth, a new book has been launched to help identify profit leaks and smarter marketing strategies that focus on generating long-term sales results.

It may seem strange for a marketing expert to be talking about marketing expenditure as a waste of money, but Bryony Thomas, who has an impressive career history in corporate and SME marketing, is on a mission to help make more small businesses successful by plugging up what she describes as the ‘leaks’ in their business ‘bucket’.

Following the unique processes laid out in Bryony’s new book, ’Watertight Marketing’ (£14.99 Panoma Press) businesses can take control of their growth, step off the roller coaster of ‘yo-yo sales results’ and get their business on a sustainable, upward curve.

Bryony explains, “Most businesses work from the top down when it comes to investing in their marketing, but what is the point in turning on expensive marketing taps if you have a leaking bucket? All this means is that your revenue drains away and you are left with a business that is performing far below its potential.”

Watertight Marketing is no ordinary marketing book. There’s no jargon. And it’s not about the latest over-hyped tactic. This is a book that tackles business fundamentals. It’s the book on marketing that makes all the others make sense.

Described as a breakthrough marketing book for small businesses, Bryony secured over £5,000 of funding to publish ‘Watertight Marketing’ after just 30 days of crowdfunding through the UK-based platform, PleaseFundus. She believes the success of the campaign, which secured over 80 investors, is due to her unique approach.

“Small business owners work harder than anyone I know. This book helps make sure that they’re getting the very best from every ounce of effort that they, and every member of their team, puts into making the business a success. The best way to do this is to make sure that the business isn’t leaking profit. However tight a business owner thinks they have it, I’ve yet to encounter a business that couldn’t step it up – by simply plugging the profit leaks,” explains Bryony.

 ‘Watertight Marketing’ launches on 31st January 2013 and is published by Panoma Press.

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