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Appointing the first person in your team for whom marketing is an actual job role can be a big step in a growing business. We’ve supported many a client through the process of finding and settling a new marketer in the team. If this is a relatively new graduate, we do this alongside a mentor who has the strategic savvy to steer them in the right direction. And now, we’re doing it for ourselves. So, I thought I’d ask the newest member of our team to bring a graduate-eye-view of the first month in the role. ~ Bryony Thomas

I came on board with Watertight Marketing as the Marketing Administrator a little over a month ago… and what a month it has been. In my first few weeks here, we have moved in to our very own offices, launched a new product, organised the first ever Watertight Marketing Masterplan Graduation and Awards ceremony and established the new licensing levels.

Week 1  Getting the foundations

  • My first task was, of course, to read the book and watch the great Members’ Club video content. As I was getting to grips with the methodology, I had many lightbulb moments. Watertight Marketing makes so much sense, I almost wanted to slap myself as I went through it. It’s easy to see why it’s been described as “a relief” by some business owners.
  • On my second day I attended a Masterplan workshop. It was great to see Bryony in action, and meet people from such an array of businesses who are in the process of applying the framework.
  • The rest of that week was spent finishing the book and completing the workbooks.

The things that stood out to me in my first week were how much Watertight Marketing is really about helping people. As Bryony says, entrepreneurs are often putting their mortgage, their marriage and their mental health on the line, and Watertight Marketing aims to relieve some of that pressure. It was clear to me that this fundamental aim was the foundation of our brand, and to build our marketing upon.

Week 2  Creating the environment

  • We officially moved in to our new offices (applying the window sticker to officially put the finishing touch to Watertight Towers was a highlight, going a day without internet was not).
  • I met a few Accredited Consultants and started to get to grip with some of the systems we use… there are over 20.
  • I also started to organise the first annual Masterplan Graduation and Awards ceremony.
  • At the end of my second week Bryony challenged me to come up with a fun social sharing idea, and #FridayFeline was born.

The environment that has been cultivated at Watertight Marketing is a testament to the product — every member of the team vehemently believes in the methodology (why wouldn’t they?!) and in using it to help people. I also realised that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been here 5 minutes or 5 years, everyone’s ideas are taken on board, and if they’re good, they’re used. There’s a great sense of wider community too, among businesses who use the Watertight Marketing framework. Every interaction with and within Watertight Marketing becomes something to support and reinforce our positive marketing messages.

Week 3  Building the baseline

  • I was getting to grips with our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual marketing plans. To refresh some content for our daily activities, I designed a set of social media tiles with Amazon reviews of Watertight Marketing on — another great way to see just how useful people find the methodology.
  • We officially opened Members’ Club PLUS for sign-up and created a public events calendar.
  • I also got to familiarise myself with the new licensing standards, and input my ideas for the accompanying badge designs.

Having a commitment to a baseline level of marketing activity is essential in avoiding a Yo-Yo marketing diet. It was exciting to see a list of things that I will eventually be responsible for, and to understand why keeping this rhythm is so important for the business.

Week 4  Offering what people want

  • Towards the end of my first month, we found out that Bryony had been nominated for the We Are the City Rising Star award (woohoo!).
  • There was a day-long meeting at HQ about a new Watertight Marketing website — it involved lots of coffee and even more post-its.
  • I started researching how we would go about setting up a podcast — an exciting new venture that branches from Members’ Club PLUS.

Looking over the structure of the website was a great way to get into a customer’s head, and think about why they may be coming to Watertight Marketing. Understanding how an individual may begin their journey to purchase with us, allows us to lay down the appropriate marketing stepping stones for them to continue on it.

I feel I have learned a huge amount in the last month, and I know that I will learn so much more working with the incredible people at Watertight Marketing. I can’t wait to see how the business will grow, to watch other companies develop under the framework and to spread, what Bryony calls, some Commercial Karma. When I left university I said I wanted a job in Marketing — I think it’s safe to say I got one!

Emily HillmanBy Emily Hillman – Marketing Administrator


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