Automotive consultancy finds their marketing roadmap

Malcolm Miller, MD - RTS Group

Product: Accredited Consultant support, Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment 

Client: RTS Group, Malcolm Miller, MD 

“Our objective was two-fold. How could we improve organic growth and support our clients, and start speaking to a wider group that we don’t yet know? I also wanted a marketing process which would quickly identify what to focus on. Watertight Marketing were the most practical, understanding and in-tune with what we were trying to achieve.” Malcolm Miller, MD, RTS Group


Based in Lacock, near Chippenham, Wiltshire, RTS Group work with automotive manufacturers and dealerships across the globe, looking at processes, people and skills, and creating ways to improve performance. By providing learning and development for frontline people, they create world-class automotive dealerships.

MD, Malcolm Miller, met Watertight Marketing author Bryony Thomas through her relationship with The Academy of Chief Executives. Attending a marketing workshop, Malcolm liked the clarity of the Watertight Marketing methodology and wanted to explore the support available to develop a new marketing strategy. Bryony introduced him to Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, Cheryl Crichton, who was soon able to identify the priorities.

The challenge — and how Watertight Marketing helped

Although RTS Group didn’t have a marketing strategy, the business was experiencing growth, largely from repeat business and referrals from existing clients. It was an attractive offer to take to a wider audience but there was a problem — there was little in the way of marketing resources within the business — or a roadmap to follow.

As Malcolm explains, “We didn’t particularly have a plan — we’d do occasional marketing pieces, very disjointed and with no directional strategy. Therefore, sales were quite reactive. But, something was working because our clients would ask us to come back and do more. We are an ambitious business, we know we can do more in the UK but we really wanted to grow the business globally.”

Cheryl reflects on the challenge RTS Group faced. “There was no real process to their marketing. That’s quite common when a business is largely focused on their existing clients and organic growth. They needed some strategy work around how to grow, in the way they wanted to grow. For example, who should they be talking to and how to get that message across. Malcolm was very keen to hear new ideas, and once we’d identified the priorities, he was equally enthusiastic in seeing them implemented.”

Identifying RTS Group’s marketing leaks

Cheryl started by reviewing their marketing against the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks™. This is Watertight Marketing’s bottom-up analysis that identifies how businesses lose both customers and profit from their marketing activities. This creates a traffic light action plan of priorities, putting those that need immediate attention at the top of the list.

The process left a lasting impression on Malcolm and he now has the Watertight Marketing methodology pinned up in his office. So, what leaks jumped out, and what did he do as a result?

Leak #5 — No Critical Approval

Before spending a lot of money and particularly in a highly-considered purchase such as the services RTS Group offer, a buyer will often consult a third party. Typically a colleague or superior in a commercial decision for example. If that person says no to the purchase, it will rarely proceed.

For this reason, and to overcome this leak, RTS Group needed a clear way of educating, or equipping your buyer to educate, anyone who could veto the purchase decision.

For RTS Group, the huge size of some of their prospective clients meant they needed to create content that had the potential to reach and convince the numerous internal third parties. As Malcolm explains, “Our clients are huge global motoring brands. We recognised that we needed a means to reach the people we needed to influence within those organisations. As a result, we have invested in our website content, with new downloadable case studies that can be shared, and a regular blog. The case studies all demonstrate the solutions we implemented for clients — and the results.”

Leak #9 — Not showing up where they’re looking

This leak addresses the need to show up where your prospective clients are looking. It’s often in more than one place. The rationale is that if the buyer sees the same information in multiple places or from sources they already trust, they’ll be more likely to act on it. It’s often called ‘triangulation’ as it works particularly well when information shows up in at least three places.

Identifying the ‘where’ piece was a big part of the plan Cheryl delivered. As she explains, “We identified the people we were trying to speak to, where they hang out, what did they need to hear from us and what we should be saying at the right time.”

So, where are RTS Group more present now than they used to be? Malcolm explains, “LinkedIn absolutely — we made sure it’s the key networking tool for us. We look at who is connected to who, secondly we are present at conferences, speaking opportunities and we produce white papers. We’re on Facebook now too, but that’s more for the employer brand and showing that we are a great place to work. Which is an important message in itself. We also do a lot of email marketing, we are pro-active, keeping in touch regularly. And it’s working. Just this morning I had a connection from someone who saw my video blog from an event I was at yesterday.”

The breakthrough

Malcolm started working with Watertight Marketing in January 2017. Some nine months later, he’s able to reflect on what has been achieved.

“We’ve seen a steady improvement in two areas. Firstly, we are getting more enquiries from people we’ve not previously spoken to who have found our content. And, secondly our new marketing activity is also giving our existing clients much more reassurance that they are speaking to the right people.”

“Certainly by ramping up our activity we have a bigger presence which has brought us opportunities and business we wouldn’t have had before. I absolutely know that by doing the right marketing, in the right place we are reaching the right people, and getting more traction and enquiries.”

The future… and working with Cheryl

Reflecting on the buyer’s journey, Malcolm feels more equipped to be found at the right time and in the right place and particularly, in a way that also sits well with the RTS Group brand.

“It was good to see what we needed to do — and we could see how to go straight to implementation. Now, by continually being present it prompts potential customers to contact us. That’s because we do it in a supportive and value added way, not in a shouty sales way.”

Part of this is down to his relationship with Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, Cheryl Crichton. Malcolm shares why that’s been so productive… “Cheryl is a bundle of energy. She brings great ideas and creativity, balanced with being able to focus the right activity in the right place for a strategic reason. That’s the trick. There’s many things we could be doing — the skill is knowing which are the right things — that’s been the value she’s added.”

© Watertight Marketing Ltd | This marketing case study was prepared by Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant – Ben Wheeler.

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