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BRYONY THOMAS Author & Founder, Watertight Marketing, invites you to a powerful 90-minute online workshop based on her award-winning masterclass for the Academy for Chief Executives.






Based on the multi-award winning methodology captured in Bryony's best-selling book.

"The book on marketing that makes sense of the rest." ★★★★★

90 minutes for the most important marketing lessons of your entrepreneurial life...



  • Why most of what you know about marketing will waste your money and sap your entrepreneurial energy.

  • How to take calm, confident, decisions about your business growth that each build powerfully on the last.

  • How to only ever choose quick wins that build towards the relief of stepping off the marketing & sales rollercoaster.

Power-Packed Four Part Masterclass


 “No speaker has ever made the level of impact as quickly as Bryony Thomas. The sessions she has run for our members have radically shifted their thinking about marketing." Ian Price, CEO, Academy for Chief Executives

1) Map your marketing to every step of a sale

The first session will do a deep dive into Part 1 of the methodology:

  • Understanding cause and effect in buying decisions.
  • The power of changing your sales reporting terminology.
  • The marketing task to support every sales conversation.

Exercise One: You'll be guided to reverse through a typical sales report to interrogate your labels as to how useful they are in understanding where a buyer truly is in their own mind.

2) Build your baseline plan for business health

The second session will draw out one of the most popular frameworks from Part 2 of the methodology:

  • Learn how to balance emotion & logic across a sales journey.
  • The three classic messaging mistakes that destroy profits.
  • Find your own push & pull messages that keep sales moving.

Exercise Two: A short exercise to understand the emotional messaging that tops and tails a buying decision from initital awareness through to loyalty.

3) Tweak your leaks to deliver profitable growth 

The third session will demonstrate how to use Part 3 of the methodology to plan your profit priorities:

  • Replacing the 'sales funnel' with a better metaphor.
  • Using the Touchpoint Leak™Assessment to prioritise.
  • Demonstration of how this guides you to your key fixes.

Exercise Three: Identifying predictable service triggers and exceptional responses that allow you to maintain profitble relationships and drive referrals into your business.

4) Make it stick to successfully scale up


The final session will showcase a core framework from Part 4 of the methodology to crystalise who you want to work with:

  • A clear framework for attracting work that energises growth.
  • Setting appropriate time horizons for profitable payback.
  • Turning entrepreneurial frustrations in growth foundations.

Exercise Four: Using the powerful PP Matrix to pinpoint exactly who you should be working with and why, so that your business is strengthened by every customer you work with.




Bryony has designed a worksheet exclusively for this session that you'll be able to download and keep. She will guide you through each exercise and direct you to the key references in the book so that you can take your ideas off the page and into practical application in your business.


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