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If Watertight Marketing is one of your recommended reads, why not sign-up to become a Watertight Marketing Advocate? As part of this official recommender community, you'll get your own referral links and weekly content to share with your network. If anyone you send our way buys from us, you'll earn yourself a little extra income.

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Being part of this network gives me the support of some of the best marketers in the UK, so that I can continually learn, benchmark, and give my clients real excellence. Kara Stanford

Master Practitioner, KMS Marketing

This is our official referral network for people who want to recommend us to others. As a thank you for pointing people in our direction Advocates can earn themselves affiliate commission, and discounts on our training and events.

Here's what to expect when you become a Watertight Marketing Advocate:

  • Access a closed community run by Bryony Thomas
  • Commission on Watertight Marketing products – that can be up to £450 on our best-selling package of Masterplan
  • Connect with our licensed practitioner network to collaborate and co-refer where appropriate
  • Weekly updates and shareable links direct to your inbox
  • Discounts and priority access to Watertight Marketing events
  • Invitations to take part in fun and high-earning launch campaigns


Without doubt this is the best book on small business marketing I have read. A no-nonsense, honest to goodness, blueprint that any small business can implement and improve their bottom line. Jason Morris

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ , Amazon

Anyone can sign-up as an Advocate. The key point here is that you want to direct people to us, but you don't want to use our materials with your own clients. You'll have a similar audience to us. You probably offer complementary, but non-competitive services. So, if you reach a network of step-up and/or ambitious growing businesses, and you think they'd benefit from understanding the Watertight Marketing methodology you'll definitely benefit from joining us.

People already acting as advocates include:

  • Professional services: Lawyers, Accountants, etc.
  • Marketing specialists (not strategists): Graphic designer, Copywriter, Web developers, etc.
  • Coaches & advisors: Business coaches, Non-Executive directors, Advisors in an aligned discipline (e.g. finance, HR, IT, etc.)
  • Business services: Virtual assistants, Office space providers, Accelerators, etc.
  • Editorial: Bloggers, magazines, podcasters, etc.

If you are a marketing strategist and you do wish to use our materials with your own clients, please look at licensing options.


I really value the bank of ready-made content we have to tailor. I never start with a blank sheet of paper, which saves me so much time. Ros Conkie

Master Practitioner, Ros Conkie Marketing

Why you may want to consider becoming a Watertight Marketing Advocate:

  • You already recommend the Watertight Marketing book, so why not earn some extra income by doing so?!
  • You talk to your clients about marketing, but you're not a strategist and you want someone reliable to pass them onto.
  • You offer something that sits alongside marketing that would be greatly enhanced if your clients read the book and got clear about their marketing.
  • You'd love to be able to gift a digital copy of Watertight Marketing to your network.
  • You'd love a regular set of curated content to include in your own marketing.

All our advocates will get...

For free!

Commission on Eligible Products

If people you refer buy from us within 12 months, you'll receive the eligible commission. That's up to £450 on our best-selling training package.

Free Digital Book Page

Your own landing page on the Watertight Marketing site, with an intro from you where your network can request a free digital copy of the book.

Closed Community with Bryony

You'll be invited into a closed Facebook group with Bryony, our network of licensed practitioners, and your peers in the Advocate network.

Shareable Content & Links

We'll send you a weekly email with your own affiliate links high quality new and evergreen content that you can include in your own marketing.

Why not add on a Promo Pack...

Get instant extras, and start earning faster with our basic promotional package, which includes:

2 x Signed Paperback Books

You will receive two copies of Watertight Marketing signed by Bryony Thomas to gift or use as give aways. Worth £30.

1 x Conference Ticket

You'll receive a standard ticket to our annual conference, worth at least £195. You can attend yourself or use it to run a competition in your own community.

10% Events Discount

You'll be able to attend any of our public workshops, masterclasses or training programmes with a 10% discount. Worth up to £450 on our masterplan programme.

Enhanced Landing Page

Your landing page can be enhanced with your own logo introductory copy, video and links to your favourite articles from our blog.

5 x Methodology Posters

You'll receive five A3 posters featuring the full profit leaks reminders in an illustration by Lizzie Everard. You can gift these or use them as give aways. Worth £37.50.

10 x Cartoon Postcards

A set of postcards featuring the illustrations from each of the chapters in the book.

Or, a Promo Pack PLUS?

Get £700+ promotional pack for just £500 + VAT. You'll get everything listed above, PLUS...

Article by Bryony Thomas

Bryony will write a unique article for your blog, newsletter or website tailored to your audience.

Live Q&A for your community

Bryony will take part in a live Q&A for your community, which we can host on our Zoom platform, and provide you with a recording for your own re-use.

An On-Demand Sales Webinar

We will record a sales webinar with you, and put it on on its own landing page for evergreen delivery so that you can always send leads to a high-converting session.

All prices are subject to UK VAT. Postage outside of the UK will be charged in addition. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Do you have questions?

  • Call: 0117 325 77 25
  • Email:

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