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Is your marketing on firm foundations?

Midday (London Time) | 90-Minute Masterclass
Leave this session with a personal score across the Four Flow Foundations that make up an effective marketing operation that supports sustainable and scaleable sales results.

Live Masterclass

Is your marketing on firm foundations?

It’s been a rocky 12 months for everyone. Now is the time to take a focused look at whether your marketing is set-up to truly support your success.

This session equips you to assess your business against the Four Flow Foundations to understand where your marketing is working well, and where needs your focus, by asking these four critical questions:

Flow Foundation 1

First Flow Foundation

The Right Work

To whom are you offering what?

Flow Foundation 1

Second Flow Foundation

Balanced Routine

How will you support their decision?

Flow Foundation 1

Third Flow Foundation

Baseline Rhythm

When and how often will you show up?

Flow Foundation 1

Fourth Flow Foundation

Maintain Momentum

Why and with what goals?

Masterclass Host

Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas is the multi-award winning author of the best-selling book, Watertight Marketing. With over 20 years in marketing, for organisations as large as Microsoft and as micro as the kitchen table, she’s distilled the key elements of an effective marketing operation into four key questions.

Any business that wants to see sustainable, and scalable, sales results will want someone in the room for this session. Bryony’s sessions are full of energy and packed with lightbulb moments for both novice and experienced marketers.

“What Bryony Thomas delivers is so much more than marketing, it’s more Watertight execution in business. It was joy to work with her. She brings energy, passion and real know how about how to build and retain business. I can highly recommend Watertight Marketing to anyone wishing to significantly improve the profitability of their business.” Ian Price, Former CEO, Academy for Chief Executives

Bryony Thomas

Your Personal Report

Flow Foundations Assessment

  • First Flow Foundation: The Right Work 77% 77%
  • Second Flow Foundation: Balanced Routine 57% 57%
  • Third Flow Foundation: Baseline Rhythm 37% 37%
  • Fourth Flow Foundation: Maintain Momentum 73% 73%

You’ll be invited to undertake a 10-minute assessment live during the Masterclass. This will reveal where, and why, your marketing may not be delivering the long-term sustainable sales results that you’re after. 

You will also receive a PDF copy of your results with a rundown of the key strategic projects to focus on to step things up in the year ahead, and beyond.

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In This Masterclass

Is your marketing delivering the sales results you need?

Do you ever wonder why the time, money and energy you put into marketing doesn’t quite deliver you the returns you were hoping for? Maybe you’re doing some brilliant stuff, but for some reason it’s just not clicking. If you have a sneaky suspicion that your marketing could work harder for you, but you’re not 100% sure how exactly, this is the Masterclass you’ve been waiting for.

What’s Included?

Live Masterclass

Join us live for a 90-minute online masterclass with award-winning speaker, Bryony Thomas.

Practical Exercises

Pen and paper exercises to ensure that you apply the key ideas in your own context.

Personal Report

Receive your personal report with your individual scoring as a follow-up to the live session.

Based On The Best-Selling Book

Watertight Marketing

“Every small business owner should read this book”

Nicholas Taimitarha 
Nicholas Taimitarha

“Finding Watertight Marketing was a revelation and a relief.”

Dave James, MD Ascentor
Dave James, MD

As someone who’s new to marketing strategy this book is really helping me to focus my efforts and helping me create a clear roadmap. It’s easy to read and there are loads of supporting resources online! Well worth it! Looking forward to 3rd Edition even though I’ve not finished this one yet! Thanks Bryony

Robs W. 
Robs W.

“Excellent book with practical and achievable marketing advice for all SMEs”

Julie Peel Inspired Design
Julie Peel

“Bryony’s book builds on the first edition and continues to offer a really sensible and holistic marketing approach that fits perfectly with a structured sales approach. Solid marketing and sales theories are pulled together in the digestible analogy of finding and plugging 13 leaks in a funnel. Unlike many marketing books, Bryony encourages fixing problems with existing customers and optimising the win probability of identified opportunities as well as generating more leads and prospects. Ideal for small businesses, the book is supported by a comprehensive web school to encourage self-sufficiency and informed decision making.”

Sarah H. 
Sarah H.

“There isn’t one bit of this book that isn’t useful. No matter how long you have worked in marketing.”

Amy Grenham Marketing Manager
Amy Grenham

“I liked this book a lot. From the clear and actionable points to the comparisons between marketing your business and fitness (so the people doing one form of exercise and sticking to one diet for about a week don’t get very far), it’s lively engaging and will improve my marketing for my own business.

I should declare that I know the author socially but although this led me to read the book it wouldn’t colour my decision to implement a number of the ideas she presents. Highly recommended.”

Guy Clapperton 
Guy Clapperton

“This is an update to the best-selling 2013 original and it has been improved in so many ways. There’s a new introduction to put Marketing in an overall business context, sections are handily signposted, new diagrams and models have been created and an entire new concept, the Profit/Purpose matrix, has been added. There are new case studies from businesses that have successfully used Watertight Marketing (apparently there are now over 2000) and the book has been improved based on practical applications of the system and feedback from the business owners and senior marketing people who have benefited.

I had been in marketing for nearly 15 years when I read the first edition and it opened my eyes to a way of marketing which was in many ways counter-intuitive but also practical, well thought-out, actionable and written in an easy to follow, jargon-free style. The second edition has built on this and is a hugely valuable handbook for anyone wanting their marketing to be more effective: large company, small company, not-for-profits or agencies. Very highly recommended.”

Chris Turner 
Chris Turner

“When I first read Watertight Marketing around 4 years ago it changed everything I thought I knew about marketing, and even though I never got round to implementing all of it, I have dipped in and out of the methodologies as I have grown my business. I pre-ordered a copy of the second edition because I knew that now more than ever getting your marketing right and operating ethically and in a way that serves your clients and customers without the sleaze and ick that plagues the internet these days…and the second edition doesn’t disappoint. I’ve binge-read it…and will now go through it and implement it. I’m also making it essential reading for my clients.”

Julie Creffield 
Julie Creffield

“Watertight Marketing has utterly transformed our business. In year one, we doubled both turnover and profit. In year two, we tripled it!”

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder Audenza
Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder

It all makes sense!!

Robs W 
Robs W

“Watertight Marketing is a no-nonsense guide to help step up the marketing of your business in a truly different way.”

Christian Tait, Owner Creative Cadence
Christian Tait, Owner

“The Best Marketing Book Out There. This book contains all the information you need in one place, and it does so in a way that is easy to understand and straight to the point with no jargon.”

Rachel Amazon Review

“In this book Bryony demystifies marketing. Her written style is conversational but articulate. The Chapters are divided into short sections each containing pearls of information. The use of real business examples and worked scenarios are invaluable and enable readers to apply the learning outcomes to their own Companies and ultimately develop a successful marketing strategy.

In my opinion this book is not only a great learning tool but also one to be visited again and again as an essential point of reference . Quite possibly the only marketing book that a busy business person needs.”

Elaine Hollerhead 
Elaine Hollerhead

“Bryony’s theory has revolutionised my thinking after 20 years in marketing.”

Alison Dowsett Blacktrace Holdings Ltd
Alison Dowsett
Watertight Marketing

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