Tweak Your Marketing Leaks to Double Your Profits

Save up to £10,000 when you kick off with one of these packaged consultancy projects during February 2020 to secure a 50% discount on our usual pricing.

Even the best run businesses leak profits…

In working with well over 2000 businesses over the last decade, we’ve yet to find a single one that couldn’t squeeze more bottom line profit from more efficient and more effective, watertight, marketing. 


*Factworks Annual SME Survey

of the 4.2 million UK SMEs self-diagnose their biggest problem across the entire business as “attracting and retaining customers”… otherwise known as marketing. Getting scalable marketing system into your growing business will give you a massive advantage over 8 out of 10 of your competitors.


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To celebrate our decade in business and the forthcoming launch of the second edition of the Watertight Marketing book, we’re offering a massive 50% discount off our four most popular packaged consulting exercises to give your business the best start to the next decade. All you need to do is book and pay the deposit for the engagement within February 2020.


You can save up to £10,000 on engagements booked during February 2020, and completed within the calendar year.

Watertight Guarantee

 If a client isn’t satisfied with the consulting service, they get their
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P.S. We’ve never had to refund a penny.

Expert Matching

We’ll match you with the Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner in our network that’s right for you.

From £1,250

We have four packages, for all sizes of SME – whatever size your business, we have something in reach. (+VAT)

Four Profit Building Offers

For growing businesses looking to seriously scale their sales in 2020 and beyond.

Save £10k: Team Alignment Benchmark & Action Plan

Is this you? Your Sales, Marketing, and Client Services has some annoying gaps and hand-offs that just aren’t as smooth as you’d like them to be. This is usually a symptom of high growth, where your systems just haven’t kept pace. Get a benchmark on marketing flow in your business, and prepare an action plan to underpin serious scale. Find out more → 

Save £6k: Marketing Audit & Action Plan

Is this you? You’re doing marketing, but you’re not 100% sure what it’s doing for you, and it’s not perfectly planned to a proven model. If you’re looking for a practical plan that you can be confident will deliver our expert audit and 12-month plan is worth a closer look. Find out more →

Save £2250: Touchpoint Leak Assessment & Top Tweaks

Is this you? You’re pretty good at marketing, but you’re not going to claim perfection. You know that expert eyes could spot some serious sales-generating opportunities that you may simply be too close to see. Our proven process for running a thorough audit of marketing that supports every step of a sale gives you real clarity. Find out more → 

Save £1250: Webschool Access with Expert Guide

Is this you? You’re prefectly happy to put the time in to tweaking your marketing leaks yourself. If someone gives you the tools and the expert advice to know what needs doing, you’ll get it done. Access over 100 online courses and access live expert Q&A to work trhough the Watertight Marketing materials yourself. Find out more → 

Team Alignment Benchmark & Action Plan

This unique process gives you deep insight into the views of your whole team, pinpointing areas of agreement and tension as to how well supported your whole customer journey is by effective marketing.  

Designed and refined over the last three years, we’ve worked with teams as small as six and as large as 120. Using the Touchpoint Leaks framework from the best-selling Watertight Marketing book, we bespoke a video-guided analysis of opinion and creative ideas within your business. Involving your team brings them on the journey with you, and starts the process of true Sales, Marketing & Service alignment.

This packaged engagement includes:

  • Kick-off scoping followed by workshops for leadership team and then all participants.
  • Tailored web research to survey your staff on their scoring and feedback/ideas using the Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leak framework.
  • Embedded Watertight Marketing video training.
  • Comprehensive analysis of quantitive and qualitative survey data into intuitively understandable and actionable benchmark and alignment findings.
  • Findings workshop for leadership team to shape priorities.
  • Stakeholders’ workshop to produce a plan.
  • A final comprehensive report including a ‘Feedback Bible’ of participant feedback and ideas for growth.
  • Leak fixing workshops to set-up internal cross-function ‘Plumbing Teams.’
  • PLUS: 4 x Access of Areas Webschool Pass, worth £2500 each.



    Excellent value for money and a thoroughly worthwhile investment. A printed copy of the Team Alignment, Benchmark and Plan report has been has been on my desk permanently since I received it over 18 months ago because we refer to it all the time as a guiding light for our ongoing marketing decisions. The results continue to be felt”.

    Simon King

    Co-Founder, Inside Travel Group

    Usually £20,000, just £10,000 when booked during February 2020

    • Call Simon 07530 042499 or email

    Marketing Audit & Action Plan

    We’re refined our auditing process over the past decade to quickly pinpoint your marketing priorities and provide the blueprint for effecting your marketing transformation.

    You receive a full audit gap analysis on the marketing capabilities you need to develop. This is then broken down into a 12 month prioritised marketing plan, down to actions level, aligned to sales results.

    We’ll also identify quick wins to put into powerful effect immediately, as well as our recommendations for how to support your customers in every step of their buying journey.

    This packaged engagement includes:

    • A full day workshop led by a Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner tailored to include an end-to-end review of your marketing against the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks.
    • A mix of customer surveys and secondary research – e.g. competitive landscape.
    • Detailed review of all your existing marketing strategy, tactics and processes.
    • Interviews, in person or by phone, with key suppliers and customers to clarify findings, and gain insights.
    • A half-day presentation of findings and discussion of next steps.
    • A final report detailing findings, areas for further assessment, recommendations and 12-month marketing plan action plan.
    • PLUS: 3 x Access of Areas Webschool Pass, worth £2500 each.



      “Watertight Marketing allowed us to break down the big picture into clear actions. We doubled the business within 12 months, and three-fold within 5 years.”

      Patrick Nash

      CEO, Connect Assist

      Usually £13,500, just £6,000 when booked during February 2020

      • Call Simon 07530 042499 or email

      Touchpoint Leak Assessment & Top Tweaks

      This snapshot version of our larger audit gives you a clear understanding of where marketing money is being wasted and Clarity on where customers are being lost.

      You’ll receive list of enhancements in priority order (what to do, delay or ditch) within a summarised report including an action plan on how to address these leaks

      This packaged engagement includes:

      • In-depth half-day workshop to gather key information on your business
      • An end-to-end review of your entire marketing operation against the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks™, so you can get a clear understanding of where money is being wasted or customers are being lost.
      • A detailed action-plan report that your Practitioner will tailor to your budget and goals. This will highlight where you should focus your time and money for the most profitable, and sustainable payback.
      • A bespoke next-steps report that will consider wider marketing issues to address, and can be used as a starting point for a full 1-year marketing plan.
      • PLUS: 1 x Access of Areas Webschool Pass, worth £2500



        Watertight Marketing has been absolutely instrumental in our success. The Touchpoint Leak Assessment is the foundation of everything for us – it underpins our entire marketing strategy. We have doubled, and then tripled both turnover
        and profit.”.

        Hollie Brooks

        Co-Founder, Audenza

        Usually £4,750, just £2,250 when booked during February 2020

        • Call Simon 07530 042499 or email

        Webschool Access with Expert Guide

        Gain the confidence to start fixing your profit leaks, guided by an expert training within our comprehensive learning platform.

        The ability to practically apply every Watertight Marketing tool and technique via a blend of worked through examples and a consultant sounding board.

        This packaged engagement includes:

        • A kick-off call to get you set-up and familiarise yourself with the training platform. 
        • Access to more than 100 video courses on the Webschool platform.
        • Half a day of one-to-one expert time to answer questions or sound out ideas.
        • Fortnightly group Q&A and expert moderated Facebook Group.



        Usually £2,500, just £1,250 when booked during February 2020

        • Call Simon 07530 042499 or email



          “We worked step-by-step through the Watertight Marketing course and increased our bookings ten-fold in just 12 months.”

          Andy Nickerson

          Founder, Andy Nickerson Photography

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