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Kara is an experienced marketing consultant in Hampshire. She is a Chartered Marketer with a passion for helping small to medium sized businesses using marketing to deliver results. She is known as someone who “makes things happen”.

Having been an independent marketer running her own business, KMS Marketing, since 2006, Kara understands the importance of making marketing practical. Her skill is in keeping it relevant and focused on moving a business forward. She helps her clients develop sound marketing plans and strategies, so that they have a clear picture of their goals, and how they can use marketing to achieve them.

Kara’s marketing career began at Lloyds TSB in 1998. She relished the atmosphere of working with, and learning from, professional, smart and dedicated marketers. This is where Kara feels she grounded the marketing fundamentals on which the career she loves has been built.

Following this, she moved into public sector marketing. Subsequently, in building her successful business as a strategic marketing consultant in Hampshire, it has always been the small business sector that has held her interest and passion; helping people who have had the guts to set up on their own. Kara likes nothing better that taking the hard work someone has put into to build a good business and tweaking it up to a great one.


Kara helps entrepreneurial businesses determine their marketing strategy. She focuses on setting realistic plans and making them happen. She is highly capable at managing and organising effective implementation of a range of marketing communications, as defined in the plan. This will be embedded by setting up processes and sharing understanding, so clients build their marketing capability as projects progress.


Kara’s key sector experience is in: B2B, B2C, technology, professional services, engineering, travel and leisure.


  • Strategy and Planning.
  • Helping clients understand where they are now, where they want their business to get to, and planning how to make that journey.
  • Implementing plans.
  • An excellent organiser who can take a plan and ensure it is executed to the standard necessary, on time and on budget.
  • Excellent Communicator.
  • In person, on paper, on line or in a myriad other ways, Kara knows how to structure a message clearly, and get across it powerfully.
  • Team Player.
  • Kara knows she doesn’t know everything! Her sociable, curious nature means she engages well with different people and enjoys learning from others and either leading or working as part of a team to deliver the best results for her clients.


“Kara is fast to spot the root cause of an issue. She’s not afraid to question what a client wants, in order to deliver what they really need. Her no-nonsense style suits an entrepreneurial business owner who appreciates being asked the difficult questions in order to move forward at pace. You could never accuse Kara of sitting on the fence, if there’s something your business needs to hear, she’ll tell you. If you’re up for the challenge of working with a sharp and incisive strategic marketer, you’ll quickly see that Kara is a phenomenal asset to any business that is serious about reaching its big ambitions.” Bryony Thomas, Author & Founder of Watertight Marketing

CIM Chartered MarketerKara has an English and Latin degree, holds Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Post-graduate Diploma and is a Member of the CIM. She is a Chartered Marketer.

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