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Peter’s deep marketing expertise has been built over two decades of working with demanding clients in the high-tech sector, primarily in a business-to-business context. He is a proven B2B marketing consultant with a focus on sales results.

He will start any engagement by gaining a clear and robust handle on the numbers. He’s at his best in a business where data and insight form a natural part of the decision-making. It’s from this firm base that Peter will determine the commercial goals that a marketing strategy is there to support. He has a real talent for building up an integrated set of marketing tactics that come together to underpin long-term strategic objectives.

Peter is the kind of marketer that a salesperson will love. He understands first hand the skill and tenacity required to be successful in sales – especially where the products and services fall into the a low-volume-high-value category. His experience in mapping marketing to a nurtured sales process means that a salesperson is always equipped to have intelligent conversations, and reasons to stay in touch with clients and prospects.

Peter has the gravitas and know-how you’d expect from a B2B marketing consultant of his extensive experience, but has also kept pace with the modern digital and social techniques. From creating compelling content to structuring seminar programmes, supporting technical tender processes, to equipping people to hit the phones – Peter knows his stuff. He’s able to weave on and offline techniques into cohesive marketing programmes that have significant and tangible impact on the bottom-line.


  • Creating integrated programmes that nurture prospects through long sales cycles for complex technical products.
  • Data strategy within a business-to-business context, from defining data requirements to developing clear market segments.
  • Taking a new proposition into a new market, for example, introducing a new use of technology within a vertical market.


B2B, particularly technology or information companies with long sales processes and complex products and services.


  • First hand experience of business development at all levels of business, from picking up the phone to Board level negotiations.
  • Mapping marketing activities to procurement-driven sales processes.
  • Combining telephone marketing within an integrated set of activities to meet sales targets.
  • Putting a marketing operation into a business that does not have one, and bringing a marketing focus into technically-minded businesses.



Peter has a confident and considered style that comes from years of first-hand experience. His natural home is amongst technically-minded people who want to take their business to the next stage of growth. Coming from a meteorology background, Peter is a scientist at heart. You see this in the way he approaches projects: logical and with a keen eye for effective process. If you’re working with Peter, there will be no doubt that you’re on the same team. If you’re after a clear and calm approach, from someone who cares about your business, Peter is a great choice of consultant. He will push your business forward without being pushy.” Bryony Thomas, Author & Founder, Watertight Marketing

Peter has a Physics and Meteorology degree, holds Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Post-graduate Diploma and is a Member of the CIM. 

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