Midlands (UK)
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Sarah Challis has 7 years experience in marketing management roles with a keen focus on digital marketing. She has run Challis Marketing since 2016 and successfully won a place on the membership and profession advisory group (MPAG) in 2017, the group supports CIM’s Board of Trustees with membership strategy. Sarah provides inbound marketing services to growing innovative companies with big ambitions. Her content-led marketing practices generate high quality leads for technical B2B businesses.

Sarah’s mission is to improve the communication of innovative B2B companies and to help innovation make a big impact. By specialising in inbound marketing strategy for innovative B2B companies, she keeps clients up-to-date with their sectors and uses her expertise to create plans that work.


  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn – Sarah has multiple strategies, tools and tactics to help you to make the most out of LinkedIn.


Sarah’s main experience has been with B2B engineering, technology and IT companies


  • Results focused – Give me an objective and I’ll find a way to meet it!
  • Lead generation – Marketing should provide the stepping stones for sales and I provide the right content to nurture leads down the funnel.
  • Planning – I enjoy auditing content, planning campaigns and getting organised.
  • Making sense of complex data – I can turn niche or complicated content into persona-focused information than convert
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