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A B2B sales and marketing performance consultant, who focuses on aligning marketing processes with complex sales environments. Stephen is an experienced managing director with extensive experience of the media and publishing industries.

Throughout his career, Stephen has worked in-house leading editorial, sales, marketing and business development teams, to spearhead world-class media projects, before setting up his own mobile app publishing business. Stephen is a certified Member and Course Advisor at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM,) the world’s leading professional marketing body, where he helps to ensure courses are useful and up-to-date for marketers on key topics at the right level, in the best format.

Stephen enjoys working with his clients on assessing and improving their marketing and business development capabilities in the complex world of B2B sales. His clients appreciate his genuine and practical approach. Stephen is the author of two leading guidebooks on strategic content marketing, an IOEE Mentor and Coach, and an accredited facilitator, whose workshops leverage the rich collective intelligence deep within organisations.

Educated in France, Scotland and the South East of England, with direct experience of working in overseas markets, he loves the buzz of international challenges.


B2B Sector, Technology Start-Ups, Media Sector, Human Resources Sector, Professional Services Sector, Training and Development Sector, Corporate Sector, Leisure Sector, Joint- Ventures, International Marketing.

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