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Stephen’s clients appreciate his actionable, no-nonsense approach to helping them improve their marketing, which is what attracted him to Watertight Marketing: A solid and systematic marketing methodology that gets business results.

Stephen got his CIM Diploma from London Guildhall University, under the tutorship of Paul Smith, where he developed a passion for strong Strategic Marketing Communications. Then in 2013 Stephen was awarded a new Diploma in Managing Digital Media from CAM/CIM. After a period in territory sales and marketing management for Pearson, Stephen moved into international licensing, working with household names like Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, Guinness World Records and Eyewitness Guide.

Since becoming independent in 2013, Stephen has created two companies and helped more than one hundred SME clients in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall grasp the tools and techniques needed to grow their business in a time of key technological change. His love of branding, combined with his sales and marketing experience ensure that his marketing strategies convert into sales and profit. Stephen is prized for his ability to quickly and accurately understand his clients’ business needs, their products and their customers.

He starts his consulting with clear goals and metrics, which allow him to measure marketing performance and gain a clear understanding of what is working and what is not. This gives him the basis for recommending purposeful strategies and tactics that improve marketing effectiveness, starting with low-cost, halo effect quick-wins, before moving on to more elaborate long term strategies that require more investment. He is never at a loss for practical ideas.

Stephen’s experience running marketing training programmes for EU funded small business growth projects has equipped him to communicate his ideas clearly and in a style and language that is easily understood by those who are not so well-versed in marketing. Stephen also authors marketing strategy guides, and elearning modules for Smart Insights, a leading online marketing resource for professionals.

Stephen operates as a marketing consultant in Exeter, with clients in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. In his spare time Stephen likes being outdoors, taking photos, and painting. When not in Exeter, he can typically be found is in the Pyrenees, his second home, where he is restoring a barn. Stephen is bilingual in English and French.


Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Customer Journey Mapping, Buyer Persona Generation, Channel Management, Lead Generation, Advertising, Crowdfunding.


Technology (SaaS), Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Building & Construction, Sustainable Energy, Financial Services, Publishing and Media. Territory Management: UK, Malta,Turkey, France, Quebec, Scandinavia.


  • Marketing Performance Assessments, including Google Analytics – helping business owners see the connection between goals, metrics and marketing tactics.
  • Setting a Marketing Strategy, Value Proposition and Online Value Proposition, and sticking to the plan – identifying top line strategy that aligns business with audience and opportunity
  • Resourcing and getting better pay back from marketing activity – avoiding waste and focusing on the things that get the best ROI
  • Customer Insights and Customer Lifecycle Analysis, including Buyer Persona Generation and mapping marketing activity to buying cycles – aligning marketing operations with the target market
  • Marketing ideas and creation including content curation, copywriting, long tail keyword research, and search engine optimisation – optimising the return on creating marketing content
  • Social Media and Influencer Outreach, including helping others to use marketing syndication tools for more effective marketing promotion and channel management – allowing businesses to get closer to their audiences with owned and earned-media, and to rely less on paid-for media
  • Goal Setting, Metrics and Measurement – knowing what to aim for, what KPIs to monitor and how to interpret performance data report for actionable decision making
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