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Members' ClubLove the Watertight Marketing book? You can get direct access to the author, Bryony Thomas, by joining our Members' Club today. This will give you access to a proven pack of workbooks and templates, and invite you into a warm and growing community of peers and experts using the methodology to powerful effect.

Your monthly dose of marketing clarity

With Bryony Thomas

Have you ever wrestled with an issue for years only to find an outside perspective and laser sharp expertise can get to the root in minutes? Join our Members’ Club PLUS to put your marketing challenges to Bryony Thomas every month.

At the launch price of just £25 per month, this is the incredibly affordable way to access multi-award winning speaker, and creator of the Watertight Marketing methodology, Bryony Thomas. Each month there's a live training webinar, an interview with an expert guest, a live surgery session with a real business, and a chance to put your own questions on the table.

There’s also a bundle of extra benefits including exclusive discounts and priority booking for Watertight Marketing events. And, there's no commitment, you can cancel at any time (not that you’d ever want to).

Get the first month for just £1 + VAT, plus the first 100 people to join get the very special price of £25 + VAT, usual price £47.

Each month in Members' Club PLUS...

A regular rhythm to keep your marketing ideas flowing...

Week 1

Join the live Watertight Wednesday webinar with Bryony Thomas, with the regular items including:

  • Key concept tutorial: Bryony will pull out a key concept from the Watertight Marketing methodology bringing it to life with case studies and examples.
  • Guest interview: Bryony will interview a special guest from her extensive little black book to bring extra business insights.
  • Surgery Session: A challenge from those submitted will be selected to unpick live, with an opportunity for input from everyone on the call.
  • Open Q&A: Your chance to ask Bryony any marketing questions you have on your mind.

Week 2

Access to the session recordings and download an audio file to keep. Voting opens for the next month’s tutorial session.

Week 3

Best Bits newsletter delivered to your inbox with your discount codes for any upcoming events and workshops.

Week 4

Call for surgery challenges and heads-up on next month’s topic and guest.

Live Monthly Webinar

Sharpen your marketing thinking and pose your questions in the live Q&A. Join Bryony Thomas and special guests for a live 90-minute webinar every month.

Podcast & Video Playback

If you can’t make the live event or simply can’t scribble your notes down quick enough, the webinar will be available for you to listen at your leisure. Download session recordings as an audio file, or watch video files online, for as long as you're a PLUS member.

Moderated Facebook Group

Tap into the incredible knowledge and enthusiasm in the growing community of experts and peers in the Watertight Marketing community in our lively Members' Only Facebook Group.

Curated Best Bits

We know time is tight so we’ll handpick the best of our monthly content and send it direct to your inbox. Read how businesses like yours have made their marketing watertight and be the first to know about our events.

£10 off Lunch & Learn

Watertight Marketing’s monthly Lunch & Learn seminars combines delicious food, marketing tips and a chance to network at locations nationwide. Watertight Marketing Members Plus save £10 on every booking.

Big Savings

Be first in line to book and enjoy generous discounts on all other Watertight Marketing events and workshops including our popular online conferences.


From our monthly special guests

Sign-up today and you'll get access to these superb sessions...


Alison Shadrack

Adia PR

Live on 10th January. Available until 8th Feb.

  • Tutorial: Generating word of mouth
  • Interview: Alison Shadrack on PR for small businesses
  • Surgery: Incentivising referrals


Rebecca Robertson

Evolution For Women

Live on 7th February. 

  • Tutorial: A warm welcome: creating a welcome pack & sequence that makes your new customers feel great
  • Interview: Rebecca Robertson on managing personal finances
  • Surgery: Putting your ideas in to a paper


Mi Elfverson

Vlog Academy

Live on 7th March

  • Tutorial: Now open for voting in the Members' Club Facebook group
  • Interview: Mi Elfverson on getting confident on camera
  • Surgery: You can submit your key marketing challenge for Bryony to work on live in the session

First month just £1 + VAT

And your brilliant Leaks Poster as a gift in your second month

Try PLUS for the first month at just £1, with an extra bonus of our fantastically handy Leaks Poster worth £7.50 when you continue your subscription into month two.

Joining Watertight Marketing Members' Club PLUS means:


You have time with Bryony Thomas every single month... which if you wanted one-to-one you'd be joining the waiting list, and finding a tad more that £25!


You have direct access to the UK's top marketing brains on the live calls every month and in the Facebook Group every day. This means you can always sound someone out about an idea or investment.


You build up your knowledge of the powerful Watertight Marketing methodology month-by-month with bite-sized tutorials on key topics. This gives you the tools to make confident marketing decisions.


You connect with experts and peers who are all using the Watertight Marketing language and approach, so that if you want some hands-on support to implement something Bryony's talked about, there's a group of people who know what you're talking about and have successfully done it themselves.


You get the very first invitations to our popular events and workshops. This means that you get our latest thinking before anyone else and the best prices on our deeper training options.

Using Methodology


Renewal Rate


"Exceeded Expectations"

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look through the questions below that we are most often asked. If you have any further questions, please call us on 0117 325 77 25 and we’ll be very happy to answer them.

How does the first month for £1 work?

You will be charged £1 + VAT on the day that you place your order. 30 days later, your nominated card will be charged for £25 + VAT, and thereafter on the same date each month unless you cancel.

How long do we have access to recordings?


Each monthly video goes into an archive. You will be able to access any video for which you were a paying member for as long as you are a paying member.

Can I cancel if it's not right for me?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. There’s a link at the bottom of all emails relating to Plus (Subject line [PLUS]) where you can request to cancel. We process these requests within a week of receipt.

How do I get tailored insight for my business?

There are four ways to get from your PLUS membership:

  1. Put your questions in the Facebook Group at any time.
  2. Submit a challenge for Bryony to work on Live in the Surgery Session.
  3. Ask questions in the live session with Bryony.
  4. Use your discount code to attend a Lunch & Learn and put your questions to your host.

How does this relate to your Masterplan programme?

This is separate to Masterplan. You are welcome to do both, but we don’t recommend it (because your time is better focussed and sequenced within Masterplan if you are on that programme). If you are considering Masterplan, PLUS is a great taster of the content and style of the programme. If you’ve completed Masterplan, it’s perfect for staying in touch with Bryony, the methodology, and the community.

Do I need to have read the book to enjoy this?

No, but it will definitely help if you have. Bryony always anchors her tutorial with relevant Chapter references in the Watertight Marketing book and workbooks, so you’ll get lots more from it if you do have a copy to read alongside, or read again if you’ve already dipped into it.

Is a copy of the book included?

Yes, a digital copy of Watertight Marketing is included with this package.

What technology will I need?


You will need to have a reliable Internet connection, and computer with speakers for these sessions. Across each month, we use the following technologies::

  • Live sessions are run on Zoom.
  • Videos are hosted in WordPress, and will need Flash enabled to play them.
  • You will be able to download worksheets and transcripts as PDFs.
  • You will be able to download the recording as an audio file.
  • We will communicate with you by email.


Give it a try

For just £1 + VAT in your first month, you get two months of brilliant content. You'll be able to watch last month's video straight away, and get your challenge in for the live session.

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