Get the right marketing tasks done each month

Sequence, select and celebrate delivering marketing activities that actually work for your business month after month.

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Do you want to get a highly effective marketing list ticked off each month?

If you’re the person in a business responsible for getting marketing done, this club is for you. If you’ve read the Watertight Marketing book, thought it made sense, and want to implement its ideas (with help from its creator) this club is for you.

There are typically three types of people who get value from this:

  1. A marketer in an entrepreneurial department of a larger business,
  2. The only marketing person in a scale-up business,
  3. The owner of a smaller business who does their own marketing.

Whichever of these you are, you’ll be looking to carve out the space to make marketing happen… effectively, consistently, and with a bit of style.

Hands up if any of this rings a bell…

Struggling to balance thinking and doing

You find it hard to balance out the strategy and planning with the every day need to get stuff done.

Not knowing where to start

You have too much on your list, and you’re not sure which tasks to do first, later, or maybe never.

Suffering from marketing FOMO

You see what others are doing, and the slew of online gurus telling you that they have the secret, and feel that you’re not doing enough, or you’re missing a trick.

Overwhelmed with too many ideas

There are more ideas in your head, and coming at you every day, than you could ever implement properly.

Frustrated with your 'should do' list

You have a whole list of marketing things you’d love to get done if you had the time, but you never seem to get to them.

You’re not alone

I’m Bryony Thomas, the author and founder of Watertight Marketing. Having worked with businesses as large as Microsoft and as micro as the kitchen table, I can definitely comfort you that you are not the only one a bit overwhelmed by this stuff.

Even a fully resourced marketing department can struggle to hit a rhythm, balancing thinking and doing, and getting the right things ticked off each month.

If you’re the only marketer in a business, or it’s your business and you’re doing the marketing, this gets even harder. It’s ridiculously easy to waste time and money, getting little but frustration in return.


Getting stuff done

This is Cheryl Crichton, the co-founder of the Make Marketing Happen Club. Cheryl and I have worked together for nearly twenty years in different roles. She’s worked clients, as large as TSB and Wickes to SME clients with a solo marketer on the team, and getting stuff done and out the door is a real challenge in both contexts.

She’s known for picking up the pace and cracking through that to-do list. I’m looking forward to Cheryl showing you how she does it, and working with you to get that same feeling of satisfaction from a really good day’s work.


You’re not alone

I’m Bryony, the author and founder of Watertight Marketing. Having worked with businesses as large as Microsoft and as micro as the kitchen table, I can definitely comfort you that you are not the only one a bit overwhelmed by this stuff. It’s ridiculously easy to waste time and money, getting little but frustration in return.


Getting stuff done

This is Cheryl, the co-founder of the Make Marketing Happen Club. Cheryl and I have worked together for nearly twenty years in different roles. She’s known for picking up the pace and cracking through that to-do list. I’m looking forward to Cheryl showing you how she does it.


Anchored in a proven methodology

Everything we do in The Make Marketing Happen Club will be anchored within the Watertight Marketing methodology, which means that:

  • You know it’s been proven and tested by over 2000 businesses.
  • You can see where everything fits in the bigger picture of your whole marketing set-up.
  • You can explain to others, in terms that relate to sales outcomes, why you’re doing the marketing you’re doing.
  • You can refer to the best-selling book to put any given tip, tool or template into context.

“Hands down the best book on marketing there is. I work with a organisations large and small and I always recommend this book as way of scientifically marketing products and services. There’s no fluff only easy to use, easy to implement ideas and concepts.”

Joe Leech Product / UX Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker
Joe Leech

“Impressed by the detail and processes laid out in this book and blows all other ‘how-to’ marketing books that I’ve read over the past 15 years out of the water. The author writes from 20+ years of experience of being in the field, and it shows on every page.”

Karen Skidmore True Profit Business
Karen Skidmore

‘This is THE marketing bible! A must have for all businesses serious about growth.’

Alison Edgar The Entrepreneurs' Godmother
Alison Edgar

“This book delivers exceptional value and clarity for all businesses to achieve a watertight marketing strategy.”

Daniel Priestley Dent Global
Daniel Priestley

“I’ve been a digital marketing consultant for over a decade and NEVER encountered a book this brilliant in the industry. Every page is packed with strategies and concepts that are succinct and on target. On page one I had new implementation tactics for my business. This is a MUST READ! Bryony is a genius.”

Kaia Alexander Digitial Marketing Consultant
Kaia Alexander

“Bryony Thomas knows her stuff!! She has a great writing style and puts a lot of effort into demystifying myths about marketing that sometimes exist. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at marketing their business!”

Amazon Customer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Amazon Customer

“This book is a must-read for anyone wishing to step up their business and achieve marketing-led growth. This book turns the theory on its head and makes them highly accessible. Bryony uses the best marketing concepts and distills them down to a simple, easy to follow and immediately implement structure that anyone could use.”

SummerP ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This is more of a workbook than a read. For me it gives a clear path and a structure for devising marketing strategy and implementing the tactics needed for real growth.”

Amazon Customer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Amazon Customer

“I’ve tried to read several books on Marketing and I’m yet to finish one… Until now. Watertight Marketing is written brilliantly with nice illustrations and useful examples. Bryony creates an example company for you to follow and relate to throughout the book and it’s suggestions. This book is an absolute asset and has not left my desk since I purchased it last year.”

KerryH ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Without doubt this is the best book on small business marketing I have read. A no-nonsense, honest to goodness, blueprint that any small business can implement and improve their bottom line. It cuts through the jargon and delivers something that can be used in the real world.”

Jason Morris ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Jason Morris

Doors open to new members on 1st March 2021








Run by true marketing experts

I get pretty wound up by marketing experts who are nothing of the sort. They’ve never run a marketing team, never managed a marketing budget and don’t have even a whiff of a marketing qualification. I’ve worked in marketing for 20+ years, I have a marketing diploma and MBA with distinction, I’ve worked with brands like Microsoft, Dell and IBM, I’ve run a marketing department in a large corporate, managed a marketing budget, supported sales people in the field, created an end-to-end marketing methodology, and written a best-selling book on it.

Do I tell you this to show off? Well, maybe – just a bit (hey, I worked hard for this stuff!). But, what I really hope is that you’ll recognise that you’re in safe hands. But, here’s the thing, you don’t just get me. You’ll meet our Certified Practitioners too, all of whom bring:

  • More than 10 years experience as senior marketers.
  • Their knowledge and examples from the range of real businesses they are working with.
  • Chartered Marketer status with a commitment to ongoing learning.
  • Full training on the Watertight Marketing methodology.

What we’re not is the self-styled guru standing in front a yacht telling you we can 10x your business in a few short weeks! We’re skilled, experienced, trained marketers who’ve each worked with hundreds of real businesses from large corporates to entrepreneurial scale-ups. We work with real world clients to deliver sustainable, scalable sales results, over the long term.

Every Member Gets

A careful balance of thinking and doing tasks in a monthly and quarterly rhythm.

10 Minute Tips

A short & sweet quick practical tip each month.

Tweak a Leak Week

Quarterly Touchpoint Leak priority planning and action taking.

Core Courses

Core set of courses to work through to understand the methodology.

Member Forum

Forum to access  at any time to ask key questions about the methodology.

Get it Done Days

Live guidance to get a key tasked ticked off each month.

Content Creation Corner

Quarterly expert guided challenge to create cornerstone content.

Expert Interviews

If you ask a question that a specialist is best placed to answer, we’ll find one and ask them.

Resource Vault

 Checklists, templates, how-to videos, expert interviews and more.

Success & Surgery

Monthly call to celebrate success and surgery challenges.

Expert Led Challenges

A quarterly guest expert running a guided specialist challenge.

Lively Community

Lovely lively people connected in an expert-moderated Facebook Group.

Member Discounts

Get discounts on our intensive programmes, events and merchandise.

Doors open to new members on 1st March 2021








This is how it works

A mix of self-guided learning, peer support and expert sessions.

Get started...

  • Join the Club and receive your Welcome pack.
  • Complete the Baseline Activity Plan video course.
  • Complete the Diary Planning video course.

Every month...

  • A new 10 Minute Tip in a practical skill.
  • A group Get it Done Day to get a key task ticked off.
  • A Success & Surgery live call with Bryony.

Every quarter...

  • Tweak a Leak Week to plan your priorities.
  • Content Creation Corner for content of substance.
  • Expert Led Challenge on a specialist topic.

Always there...

  • Vault of checklists, tips, and templates.
  • Forum for key methodology questions.
  • Community for support and celebration.

This club is for you if you’re fed up doing this stuff on your own

It can be lonely when you’re the person coming up with the ideas, planning them out, getting them done and figuring out if it’s worked. If you want guidance from the country’s top marketing experts, and the warm support of a community of peers, this club is for you.


Hands up if this would feel great…

A bit of structure to what you're doing

Get into a rhythm with your marketing activity that means it gains real forward momentum.

Crystal clear priorities

Work through our proven process each quarter to pinpoint the priorities that support long term profits.

A strategic sounding board for your ideas

Run your ideas by Bryony for a sense check on a live monthly call. or whenever you need to in the peer group.

Get the big stuff ticked off

Work in a group to knock off the big tasks that really move the needle, guided by a proven expert in the technique.

Consistently create compelling content

Keep the content monster fed on a healthy diet of content with real value, and tap into a group of peers to help you get it out there.

Add dedicated expert support

Get a senior marketer in your corner with the Scale and Soar plans.

You can join a dedicated group run by one of our Master Practitioners. This gives you small group support with a quarterly pattern of roundtable events, as well as a monthly Accountability Call to keep you on track.

If you need a senior marketer on your team to give you tailored strategic support, go for the Soar plan for quarterly and annual strategic planning specific to your business.

Choose your plan

Simply dive in yourself, or join a small peer group with dedicated Practitioner support.

Doors open to new members on 1st March 2021








Your Questions Answered

Who is this the club for?

This is a club for people who do marketing as part of their job. It’s a sleeves up, get it done, space for marketers. It’s all going to make more sense if you’ve read and enjoyed the Watertight Marketing book, as that’s what we’ll be implementing. It’s more likely to be valuable for a marketing manager or exec than a marketing director (though, you’ll want them to have read the book too). 

Why can't I start immediately?

We open the doors to new members each quarter. We do this for two reasons. The first is so that we can welcome and settle everyone in properly. The second is so that you start in a month when we’re running a Tweak a Leak Week, as this priority planning process is the best place to start.

Can we join as a team?

Yes, we offer a half price option for all additional team members from a single business.

Can I get one to one feedback and support?

There are two ways to get one-to-one feedback. 1) Buy add on coaching sessions as and when you need them, or 2) Join the Scale or Soar plan where this is included as part of the package. We are also always in and out of the Facebook Group, so you’ll get great specific feedback from us and your peers there too.

What if I miss a session?

The Tips, Expert Interviews and Success & Surgery sessions are recorded and added to your Watertight Webschool account. The monthly 5-day intensives are live guided sessions, you need to book onto these and take part along with us to get the value from them.

Do I have to use everything?

We’ve packed a lot into each membership level. We don’t expect everyone to do everything each month. The more you do, the more value you get. 

How much time will I need to get value from this?

A typical minimum engagement to get value is likely to be:

  • Watch tips video = 10 minutes
  • Participate in a Get it Done Day = 6 hours
  • Join the monthly Success & Surgery Session = 90 minutes

We’d also recommend joining at least one of the 5 Day Intensives each Quarter. So, that’s just under 8 hours in each month, plus 5 days in each Quarter.

Is this online or in person?

This is all done online, so you can join from wherever you are. Live calls are conducted using Zoom, and all resources are delivered via your personal login to Watertight Webschool from your desktop or via the app.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time via your login. Please note that access stops on the day that you process the cancellation.

I'm not in the UK, can I join?

If you’re okay to join in with things on London time, we’re happy to have you. The Get it Done Days and live calls are all within office hours on UK time. If that’s the middle of the night for you, it’s probably not going to work.

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