Marketing Audit & Action Plan

A fixed-price review of one defined market to review the marketing set-up and its ability to deliver sustainable sales results

A Watertight Marketing Audit & Action Plan is a fixed-price service that answers the question: What is needed to establish a marketing operation that delivers long-term sales results for your business?

Your Watertight Marketing Audit & Action Plan will be tailored to meet your specific needs. We will do what’s needed to get you to a clear outline plan for marketing that equips you to step things up. But, here’s a sense of what’s typically covered…

Very good facilitation. Peter engaged the audience well and stepped us through the leaks in a clear and concise manner. I think the Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment is a very clear and simple tool to identify areas of focus on a potentially very broad and confusing topic. I identified a number of clear actions to take away to improve my marketing approach.
Duncan Hodgson Silver Bullet Business Training
"We’ve seen a steady improvement in two areas. Firstly, we are getting more enquiries from people we’ve not previously spoken to who have found our content. And, secondly our new marketing activity is also giving our existing clients much more reassurance that they are speaking to the right people."
Malcolm Miller MD - RTS Group
"What makes the Watertight Marketing approach stand out from the crowd of fluffy marketeers is direct linkage of effort to return, all marketing activity is carried out because it leads to improved sales, Bryony's no nonsense approach was a revelation and a relief. I can not praise Watertight Marketing highly enough and thoroughly recommend them to anyone who needs an expert marketeer on their side."
Dave James, Managing Director Ascentor
"It was a really structured approach to marketing that meant that we could organise our thoughts, to see the bigger picture. From this, we were able to break down long-term goals into specific actions that we can actually put into practice. As a result business grew three-fold within 12 months, and we've now hit £5m turnover."
Patrick Nash, CEO Connect Assist
"The Watertight Marketing process very quickly helped us realise that our existing marketing wasn’t always reaching the right decision makers. That was the first eye opener for us. Joshua has been a quality individual bringing astute analysis right from the start. He has, without a doubt, changed a lot of the things we do. He made a huge difference and we are all delighted with that. His knowledge and appreciation of how the methodology works for us has been first class."
Darren Macdonald Head of Sales, MRG Systems
"Bryony's Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn't your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!"
Dougal Hawes, Business Development Director SmartBox Assistive Technology
"Exceeded expectations. The Touchpoint Leak Assessment meeting with Rachael was an epiphany."
Ian Else Ovation Finance
I have found this process so enlightening. The video is a great tool. We went through this as a small team and being able to pause the video and have discussions was so beneficial as it allowed us to debate the points raised and consider some small changes which could be implemented immediately. Your feedback after analysis is encouraging and gives us some specific and very achievable goals which won’t cost us too much to implement. Thank you again, I came away feeling inspired.
Christina Kennedy, Head of Trustees The Carymoor Environmental Trust
Peter really knows his stuff and demystifies the marketing process for small businesses. A very worthwhile workshop.
Paul Shaw Business Doctors
Peter makes marketing simple to understand and straight forward to take an action.
Jelena Tatarenkova Stellarise

Key Summary Information

Fixed price: £6,000 + VAT

Quality Assured: Includes full peer review within the Watertight Marketing Expert Network before presentation to client.

Duration: Report typically within 12 weeks.

Approach: In person and desk research as required.

Output: A clear and costed action plan for building a marketing operation within the next 12 months.

Bonus: Quick wins report.


This structured marketing audit & action plan will give you:

  • A clear understanding of what your marketing operation needs to deliver.
  • A clear view of what’s needed to make your marketing operation tick
  • A list of enhancements in priority order.
  • Identified quick wins that can be put into powerful effect immediately.
  • An outline 12-month plan for a thorough marketing transformation.


What’s involved in a Watertight Marketing Audit & Action Plan?

  • A detailed survey conducted online, or in person, to gather key information.
  • Detailed review of existing background information, previous research and documentation.
  • An end-to-end review of your marketing operation for one defined market against the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks.
  • Interviews, in person or by phone, with key staff and suppliers to clarify findings, and gain personal insights, as appropriate.
  • A half-day presentation of findings and discussion of next steps.
  • A final report detailing findings, areas for further assessment, recommendations and 12-month action plan with outline costs.


Why would you want a Watertight Marketing Audit & Action Plan?

Using the unique and proven Watertight Marketing methodology and structure, this process quickly gathers information to deliver a clear action plan against the following key focus areas:

  1. Strategy: Is your offering clear and compelling to a clearly identified audience? (also using the Watertight Marketing Framework™).
  2. Set-up: What systems and processes do you need to deliver effective marketing?
  3. Skills: Do you have the right mix of current marketing skills at your disposal?
  4. Suppliers: What is the appropriate mix of expert suppliers for specialist tasks?
  5. Activity and tools: What sales tools and marketing activity do you need in place to meet your sales targets? (using Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks™).

Quality Assured by Peer Review

All strategic consulting engagements undertaken by a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant is subject to a peer review from within the network. This means that within your fee, your consultant gets a second opinion on all their observations, ideas and recommendations.

This has three major benefits for you:

  1. You can be assured that two experts agree that your recommendations are sound
  2. You get the benefit of the insight, ideas and inspiration of two proven experts
  3. If you ever need a second pair of hands, there’s someone else in our network with some knowledge of your organisation

To ensure you get exceptional value for money, we would work out with you whether it’s best to spread the time equally across these areas, or to highlight some for more detailed consideration. This allows us to make use of any previous internal reviews or consulting outputs, and focus energies on areas less well explored or understood.

Delivered by a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant

Watertight Marketing AccreditedYou would be matched with appropriate consultant from the Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant network. These are all marketers of at least 10 years experience, with proven track record with small business clients. They are also the only people who have been fully trained and licensed to use the Watertight Marketing methodology.


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