Tutorial: How to welcome people into a loyal customer relationship

Tutorial Outcome: Key techniques to increase the volume and quality of the referrals you receive.


A 90-minute recording from Bryony Thomas' live session as part of Members Club PLUS. Each session is made up of three core elements, a tutorial, a guest interview and a surgery session from a real business. In this session:

  • Bryony's Tutorial: How to welcome people into being a loyal customer.
  • Guest Interview: Rebecca Robertson on personal financial planning for entrepreneurs.
  • Surgery Session: How do I organise my ideas into a coherent piece of content?


The session resources include:

  • Video to watch online
  • Audio recording to download and keep
  • Tutorial worksheet
  • Transcript of the guest interview
  • Links to relevant archive articles


This 20-minute workshop looked at:

  • Why you need to lay out the welcome mat to move people into true loyalty
  • What is your Welcome Window?
  • What do you need your Welcome Window to achieve with your new customers?
  • 5 key things to include in your customer welcome communications.

➜ Includes worksheet designed by Bryony Thomas.


Guest interview with Rebecca Robertson, IFA and founder of Evolution for WomenBryony asked:

  • How well to entrepreneurs look a er their personal finances?
  • How should someone investing in their own business also invest in their financial security?
  • What pitfalls do you see entrepreneurs fall into with their personal finances?
  • What one piece of advice would you give entrepreneurs for securing their financial futures?


Bryony answered the question:

  • How do I take my mess of ideas and turn them into a coherent and compelling piece of content, like a paper or ebook?
"I highly recommend Watertight Marketing's Lunch & Learn sessions. The great advice and suggestions I got from Bryony made this lunch was worth the fee x 100! A thoroughly thought-provoking, aha moment session, in a friendly supportive environment."
Dawn Sillett Zoomly
"Such a helpful session today - I'm putting you on my '3 Amazing things that happened' list for today. The Q&A sessions are so valuable in bringing the concepts to life and revealing just how many different ways there are to tackle a marketing challenge. More importantly, they help me encourage some divergent creative thinking with my management team. Thanks again."
Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
"Bryony's Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn't your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!"
Dougal Hawes, Business Development Director SmartBox Assistive Technology
“10 minutes with Bryony on a Q&A call as part of Masterplan unblocked a pricing presentation issue I'd been wrestling with for over four years!"
Julie Peel, Founder & Jeweller Inspired Design
"An hour with Bryony is better for de-cluttering your brain and seeing a clear path than two days in a health spa!"
Jo Reid, MD Calvium

All our courses draw on the award-winning Watertight Marketing methodology captured in the best-selling book by Bryony Thomas...

This session relates directly to:

  • Chapter 2: Identify your leaks
  • Chapter 3: Their needs = your messages
  • Chapter 8: Now, turn your Taps on

This session was recorded in February 2018.


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