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Business Owner of the Year 2015: George Spence, Redspot Storage

We're delighted to award the inaugural Watertight Marketing Business Owner of the Year 2015 title to George Spence, MD of Redspot Self Storage. Read full case study here → George was the very first person to sign-up for the Watertight Marketing...

Hard-sell only works once

Case Study | KashFlow (, providers of online accounting software for small businesses, exhibited at business events in their early days. They took experienced salespeople and targetted them on sign-ups secured on the day....

The storage company that made room for new marketing ideas

Marketing Case Study: Redspot Self Storage Product: Touchpoint Leak Assessment, Marketing Masterplan Programme, and consulting with Cheryl Crichton Client: George Spence, MD, Redspot Self Storage When every penny you spend on marketing is your...

What do your visuals say about you?

I've just come off a coaching call with a client, we're working on stemming Leak #3: No emotional connection and we got to talking about their visuals. There are two areas I ask clients to look at when considering their company's visual identity - the concept and the...

Should B2B companies use days like Valentine’s as marketing opportunities?

We’re all familiar with Valentine’s offers from florists, restaurants, jewellery retailers, or other directly related products and services. But, what about the rest of us? Can, and should, those of us in totally unrelated industries use these...

Ethical Marketing Doubles Turnover

B2B Case Study | Masterplan
"Some of the biggest successes we’ve had from Masterplan are about working with businesses, slowing it down, taking people through each of the stages, rather than getting them to sign up for a proposal. That’s won us some really major contracts we wouldn’t have been able to land 2 years ago.” Karen Meager, Co-Founder - Monkey Puzzle Training & Consulting

Experts on the past. Now with a plan for the future.

Case Study: Explaining History Product: Marketing Masterplan Client: Nick Shepley, MD, Explaining History Building a publishing business from scratch and with no knowledge of marketing has been tough. We’ve made mistakes but are now learning...

Teacher training business gives top marks to Watertight Marketing

“Before we started working with Watertight Marketing we were very reactive — if you could even call it marketing. Accredited Consultant, Kara Stanford, gave us focus, and then suggested we start the Masterplan programme. It’s been a highly positive and profitable process.” Mary Chapman, Director, Dragonfly Training

The branding experts who launched a new name in a crowded market

Marketing Case Study: Brand51 Product: Webschool, Touchpoint Leak Assessment with Ros Conkie Client: Faith Pennycook, Marketing Manager and Mark Guatieri, Senior Designer, Brand51 When you are immersed in your own business you sometimes...

How one person’s growing confidence can transform a business

More about Masterplan | See more Case Studies Marketing Case Study: Face for Business Product: Watertight Marketing Masterplan programme Client: Sara Parker, Marketing Manager, Face for Business “I can’t emphasise how much knowledge and perspective the...

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