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Will this new client energise your business?

3-Minute Read: Saying no to new clients is one of the most important things you need to do to grow a healthy business. There’s a lot written about creating a profile for your ‘ideal customer’. We think it’s as important to truly understand, and have the discipline to avoid, the ‘wrong customer’ for your growing business.

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How to keep up with digital marketing

This month, members of our Facebook Group voted for me to focus on the topic of 'Digital Marketing: Keeping up with trends and choosing the right platforms'. The sense I got in the group and from discussions with clients is that there is a looming sense of always...

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Can you grow a business without spending money on marketing?

We help people to out-think, rather than out-spend, their competition. In fact, a number of business owners come to us saying that they spend no money on marketing at all. This is either because business comes to them via referral, or because they do it themselves and haven’t counted their time as a cost to the business. So, here’s the question… can you, and should you, grow a business on free marketing?

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Making time for marketing with a default diary

If I had a pound for every time I'd heard an ambitious business owner, or those in their team, tell me that they struggle to make time for marketing, I truly would be a very rich woman. Time is our most precious resource, and in a fast-growing business the competing...

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8 practical reasons to create a vision board for your business

It’s that time of year when social streams are awash with people setting goals for their year ahead. Lots of people will have spent a few happy hours cutting a sticking to create a vision board for their life, and crafting daily mantras to manifest what they’ve pictured. Just as many will dismiss the idea as a load of hokum. Here’s what I think…

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What are sustainable sales results?

We talk about marketing that underpins sustainable sales results. So, let's explore exactly what we mean by that, and why it's so important to get to a point where your sales really do meet these criteria. There are three ways in which sales need to be sustainable if...

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