Case Studies

Teacher training business gives top marks to Watertight Marketing

“Before we started working with Watertight Marketing we were very reactive — if you could even call it marketing. Accredited Consultant, Kara Stanford, gave us focus, and then suggested we start the Masterplan programme. It’s been a highly positive and profitable process.” Mary Chapman, Director, Dragonfly Training

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Masterplan’s structured approach leads to a ten-fold increase in business

“The Watertight Marketing book clicked — it was easy to follow and a great way for us to learn about marketing. That’s why we chose to do the Masterplan course and, as a result, I’m a lot more confident this year. We’ve seen a massive ten-fold increase in business and had the best start to a year ever. Best of all, we know it’s repeatable.” Andy Nickerson, owner, Andy Nickerson Photography

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Ethical Marketing Doubles Turnover

B2B Case Study | Masterplan
“Some of the biggest successes we’ve had from Masterplan are about working with businesses, slowing it down, taking people through each of the stages, rather than getting them to sign up for a proposal. That’s won us some really major contracts we wouldn’t have been able to land 2 years ago.” Karen Meager, Co-Founder – Monkey Puzzle Training & Consulting

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Marketing Case Study: Who has the power of veto?

Business-to-Business Marketing Case Study: MRG Systems Product: Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment, with Accredited Consultant Joshua Morse Client: Darren Macdonald, Head of Sales, MRG Systems, How a simple question completely...

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Business-to-business marketing case study: Ascentor

Business-to-business marketing case study: Ascentor Product: Marketing Consultancy, Touchpoint Leak Assessment and the on-going support of a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant Client: Dave James, MD | How the power of...

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