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Snapshot Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment

Where are you leaving money on the table?

Create your snapshot today, to immediately see exactly where you're leaking potential profits.

We've never encountered a growing business who couldn't think of plenty of ways to spend more time, money, and energy on marketing. The trick is know which of your hundreds of options deserve your full focus, and in precisely what order you should address competing priorities. Developed by multi-award winning marketer, Bryony Thomas over two decades and with learnings across 10,000 organisations, our Snapshot Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment has been tried and tested by over 1000 businesses, and will create a powerfully sequenced action plan for your business, in just 90-minutes.

Marketing Clarity in just 90 Minutes

With Bryony Thomas

The Touchpoint Leak framework is at the core of what makes Watertight Marketing so different, and so powerful. As a diagnostic tool, that you can use repeatedly, you can quickly determine which of the competing potential investments of time, energy and money in your sales and marketing set-up should take your focus right now. 

That’s why we invite you to create your own Snapshot Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment. You will be guided in a series of videos created by the author, Bryony Thomas, to powerfully and purposefully take a look at your business through your customers' eyes. In just 90 minutes, you'll discover step-by-step where you’re leaving money on the table.

Then, you’ll put your key tasks into a specific sequence that's right for your business. Tackle them in this order and you’ll get the most profitable and sustainable results.

This online version of our most popular strategic engagement guides you through the process for just £95 + VAT. This also includes a half-hour review with a proven marketing consultant to talk through your results.


Powerful Priority Plan

Get focussed by turning your marketing wish-list into a sequenced action plan, unique to your organisation.

This will make refreshing change from some marketing workshops. I'm sure you've been to many that leave you feeling overwhelmed with ideas, but no clearer on what to do about them.

There’s nothing fluffy about this session. You’ll leave with an action plan for your marketing in three clear categories… DO IT, DELAY IT, and DITCH IT.

And, you’ll be able to use the framework again and again to clear the confusion and make confident marketing decisions. All tickets also include access to a recording of the material to review later.

Do It

The Red Zone represents phenomenal opportunity/ This is where you are currently leaving money on the table. Some judicious tweaks in these areas to notch them up will deliver immediate returns.

Delay It

Anything that falls in the Amber Zone is something that you park for later. These are your second priority items. You can confidently collect ideas for this to come to when your red items have been addressed.

Ditch It

Anything in the Green Zone simply needs to continue as it is. Ditch any further refinements or additions to these items until you've addressed the other areas.

Video Guided Assessment

Set-aside 90 minutes to work through our online diagnostic. This is a video version of Bryony Thomas' award-winning workshop for the Academy for Chief Executives.

Live Expert Review

Once you've completed your self-assessment, you'll be matched with one of our experts to review your findings in a half-hour 1-to-1 video call.

Moderated Facebook Group

Head on over to our lively Members' Only Facebook Group to compare your findings with others and get our support as you tweak your leaks.

Drayton Bird“Bryony's Watertight Marketing methodology talks from experience, taking you step by step through what you need to make the most of every penny you spend on marketing. Frankly, it's as close as you can get to a licence to print more money. I was astonished by the power and clarity of her flagship marketing priorities workshop. Because there and then she took my delegates through the entire process of sorting out their marketing – stopping the 13 leaks that slaughter your profits." Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Associates

Getting your Snapshot Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment means:

You set aside time to think strategically about your sales and marketing priorities.
You integrate a replicable tool for assessing priorities and progress in your marketing investments.
You know where in your copy of Watertight Marketing, and the companion workbooks to focus your time to underpin sustainable sales results.
You connect with a community of experts and peers to give you guidance and cheer you on as you tweak your leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look through the questions below that we are most often asked. If you have any further questions, please call us on 0117 325 77 25 and we’ll be very happy to answer them.

How long do we have access to videos?

Each monthly video goes into an archive. You will be able to access any video for which you were a paying member for as long as you are a paying member.

How do I get tailored insight for my business?

There are four ways to get from your PLUS membership:



  1. Put your questions in the Facebook Group at any time.
  2. Submit a challenge for Bryony to work on Live in the Surgery Session.
  3. Ask questions in the live session with Bryony.
  4. Use your discount code to attend a Lunch & Learn and put your questions to your host.

How does this relate to your Masterplan programme?

This is separate to Masterplan. You are welcome to do both, but we don’t recommend it (because your time is better focussed and sequenced within Masterplan if you are on that programme). If you are considering Masterplan, PLUS is a great taster of the content and style of the programme. If you’ve completed Masterplan, it’s perfect for staying in touch with Bryony, the methodology, and the community.

Do I need to have read the book to enjoy this?

No, but it will definitely help if you have. Bryony always anchors her tutorial with relevant Chapter references in the Watertight Marketing book and workbooks, so you’ll get lots more from it if you do have a copy to read alongside, or read again if you’ve already dipped into it.

Is a copy of the book included?

Yes, a digital copy of Watertight Marketing is included with this package.

What technology will I need?

You will need to have a reliable Internet connection, and computer with speakers for these sessions. Across each month, we use the following technologies:You will need to have a reliable Internet connection, and computer with speakers for these sessions. Across each month, we use the following technologies:



  • Live sessions are run on Zoom.
  • Videos are hosted in WordPress, and will need Flash enabled to play them.
  • You will be able to download worksheets and transcripts as PDFs.
  • You will be able to download the recording as an audio file.
  • We will communicate with you by email.

No-nonsense. Clarity.

There are two phrases that crop up in reviews of our work time and time again.

No-nonsense. And, clarity.

Sound good?


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