Access Apprenticeship Funding to fill your Marketing Resource Gap

Apprenticeships for growing businesses from Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge, licensed in the Watertight Marketing methodology, can find, train and support a member of your team through to a productive and qualified Level 3 Digital Marketer for your growing business.

Introducing the Watertight Marketing Academy

Giving you confidence to bring a digital marketing Apprentice into your growing business

Have you heard yourself saying something along the lines of…

“I’ve thought about recruiting someone to help with digital marketing, but I’m not sure I have the knowledge to find or manage them.”

“I know we should be doing more marketing, and making more of the digital channels, but struggle to know how, why and more importantly WHO will do it?”

“I’m just so busy doing the day-to-day that I never get to the marketing to-do list, and to be honest the digital stuff moves too fast for me to keep up.”

Fill the gap with a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Apprenticeship experts, Working Knowledge have licensed the marketing expertise of Watertight Marketing to bring you a wholly new way to resource effective and productive digital marketing in your growing business.


What could a Digital Marketing Apprentice do for your business?

Your Apprentice will become a productive member of your marketing team over the course of their 15 months training, by learning and implementing the following:

Technical Skills

Your Apprentice will learn the fundamentals of web coding, Google analytics and other key technical skills that would equip them to brief and work productively with web developers.

Core Marketing Principles

Your Apprentice will learn the key principles of marketing and where digital tactics sit within this. This will equip them to select appropriate digital marketing tools to support every step of a sale.

Core Platforms & Techniques

Your Apprentice will learn the main components of key digital tools, platforms and techniques. This will equip them to manage social media and online marketing initiatives for your business.

What’s involved?

Decide if you need an Apprentice

Talk to us to see if an Apprentice would deliver real bottom-line value for your business.

Find the right person?

Anyone of any age can be an apprentice. Your digital marketing apprentice might be an existing member of your team doing a similar or different role. Alternatively, work with us to find and recruit someone new for the role.

Get them set-up as Apprentice

Get step-by-step support from Working Knowledge to get all the paperwork done to meet the funding requirements.

Get them enrolled on the Digital Marketer course

Work with Working Knowledge to get your new Apprentice set-up to access the online learning and community forum.

Your Apprentice attends monthly Masterclasses

Get the travel and accommodation booked for your Apprentice to join their peers for a monthly expert-led Masterclass for hands-on training.

Monthly one-to-one with their tutor

To support the apprentice to apply their developing digital-marketing skills to your business success while ensuring their learning is mapped to the government standards.

Weekly Q&A with marketing expert

Log-in daily to the community and weekly for live Q&A to make sure learnings are being applied to your sales success.

Final assessment of their portfolio

Apprentices are assessed by an external organisation based on their portfolio and a structured interview with support from Working Knowledge to give them total confidence.

Celebrate mutual success

Celebrate their new qualification and the the extra boost to your digital marketing and your sales results.

Watch our Q&A recording to find out more

Access the recording of Bryony’s Q&A session from July 2018

Access the Q&A recording run by Bryony Thomas, author & founder of Watertight Marketing, to introduce you to the apprenticeship, and what an apprentice could bring to your business. Bryony was joined by:

  • Rachael Wheatley: Watertight Marketing Master Practitioner who specialises in building marketing teams, and mentoring young marketers.
  • Dr James Lott: Managing Director and Founder of Working Knowledge, James has been developing innovative training and recruitment programmes for business, education, public and third sector since 2005

What we covered:

  • Why you might need some digital marketing support?
  • What skills would the Digital Marketer Level 3 learn?
  • Who could become an Apprentice for your business?
  • How long does the process take?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much paperwork is involved?
  • Will this actually be useful for your business?
  • What to you pay to whom and when?
  • What to you pay to whom and when?
  • What’s a typical salary for someone in this role?
  • What’s the cost if you need recruitment support?
  • What happens if they don’t work out?
  • Will this government funding persist?
  • Who is responsible for managing the Apprentice?
  • How would you get bottom line value from this?
  • How quickly will they cover their own costs?
  • Why is this a better option than any other Apprentice provider?

Expert-led training & marketing expertise


Designed and refined over the last decade across over 2000 companies, the Watertight Marketing methodology is a proven and powerful approach captured in the best-selling book by Bryony Thomas. It has now been licensed by apprenticeship providers, Working Knowledge, to map to a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship. This gives you:

  • A person on your team trained in digital marketing, set in context of a wider strategic framework that is proven to work in real businesses.
  • Confidence that they won’t just be learning digital tactics, but where these sit in a sales process.
  • A wider strategic framework to equip your Apprentice to progress and add bottom-line value in your business.

More than that, they will be trained and supported by real-world marketers, not academics. The programme we’ve designed will be facilitated by Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioners. These are people who have held marketing budgets, run marketing teams, and worked hands-on in growing businesses. This means practical learning applied to your specific context.


Working Knowledge support with ambitious businesses to find, train, progress and retain your talent. We believe that training should be engaging, thought provoking, practical and directly applicable to both the role and the objectives of the employer. And learning should never be restricted to the four walls of a designated training room. Working Knowledge was founded in 2005 and has now trained more than 30,000 people.

Watch our Q&A recording to find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look through the questions below that we are most often asked. If you have any further questions please take a look at the Working Knowledge Website or call James Lott on 0117 304 8000

What is it?

Working Knowledge has designed a training and mentoring programme using the proven and multi-award winning Watertight Marketing methodology under licence, re-focussed solely on digital marketing and mapped to the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship.

Academy graduates will have a sound understanding and practical experience, as well as a recognised qualification, in digital marketing applied to your business in a coherent and sustainable way.

How long does it take?

It is a 15-month programme. If you need Working Knowledge to recruit, this will take a little longer.

How much does it cost?

For non Apprenticeship Levy paying companies, you will benefit from a £11,000 worth of training programme for just £550
Any business of any size can get 95% of training costs paid by the government. If you are an Apprenticeship Levy paying company (100+ approx. employees) you will qualify for the government subsidy once you have spent your levy pot.

Who in our business should join the Watertight Marketing Academy?

The person who is or will be responsible for your digital marketing. This might be an existing employee that would benefit the business from developing their digital marketing skills or it might be a new recruit you want to bring in to the business (Working Knowledge can help you recruit this person). It is also important that there is a champion within the business who is supporting this apprentice. That might be the MD or CEO or it could be the person heading up sales or marketing.

Who will be our Apprentice?

There are three options when it comes to finding your apprentice:

  1. Retrain an existing employee currently doing a similar or different role to be a full-time digital marketer.
  2. Recruit someone new to your business as a full-time digital marketer.
  3. Retrain an existing employee but keep digital marketing as a 50% / part-time element of the existing role.