Best-selling Author.

Award-winning Speaker.

Who is Bryony Thomas?

Bucket Lady. Elephant Spotter. Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief.

The Bucket Lady

Bryony Thomas is one of the UK’s foremost marketing thinkers. She is the author of Watertight Marketing, which has been in its best-sellers list consistently for over five years, with no gimmicks. This ground-breaking book has been described variously as “the entrepreneurs’ essential marketing manual”, “a work of genius”, and “a licence to print money”. Centred on replacing the ubiquitous sales funnel diagram with a better metaphor of a Bucket, Funnels and Taps, Bryony is often known as The Bucket Lady.

The Elephant Spotter

She has a disarmingly honest working style, that means that people have often seen her as a marketing confidante more than a consultant. Landing as the divisional director of marketing for FTSE 100 company, Experian, at the age of 28, Bryony quickly developed a knack for asking the questions that matter. If there’s something that needs addressing, you’ll find Bryony pointing to it. This earned her the nick-name, The Elephant Spotter

The Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief

Bryony is also an in-demand professional speaker for business audiences wanting to understand how to deliver sustainable sales results. Whether it’s a boardroom, team day, or a large conference venue, Bryony can be trusted to inspire, engage and entertain. But, more importantly people will leave her talks with immediate actions to take. She has a unique and memorable speaking style, and is often heard describing how to build multi-million pound businesses in the same way as you’d steal your neighbour’s cat. And so, is known as The Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief.

Bryony’s Journey

In 2008, Bryony started the journey towards what is today the Watertight Marketing Methodology, working with ambitious growing businesses delivering 12-month marketing transformation programmes. Through her book, her speaking, her events and her hands-on support, Bryony Thomas now gives small business owners the clarity and the structure to step off the roller coaster. To get their marketing to put their business on a sustainable upward curve. Bryony Thomas is The Watertight Marketer.

She does all this part-time around her family, and can be often found playing in the sand pit with her daughter or snuggled up with her soppy grey tom cat, Dylan.

Oh, and, she also loves a strong cup of tea. Milk, no sugar. And, if you’re getting the biscuits in, Bryony will have a pink wafer!

Award-Winning Marketing Speaker for Business Events

Bryony Thomas is an energetic marketing speaker who shows businesses and entrepreneurs how to take calm, confident, control of their business growth. Her speaking style is no-nonsense and direct. She doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, and makes highly effective use of memorable analogies to make her advice stick. Bryony has a real skill for adapting her content to suit the needs of her audience, both through thorough preparation, and by being extremely quick-witted and responsive to the audience in front of her.

“Using the Watertight Marketing approach on my apprenticeship has been invaluable. It’s given me the confidence to explain marketing at director level.”

Sophie Pontoppidan Alexander Daniels Global
Sophie Pontoppidan

Thank you for organising such a useful conference! We found it both enjoyable and beneficial, and it has covered all the aspects we came for: ideas, knowledge, proven experience and success and networking opportunities. Confidence and Clarity – achieved!

Jelena Tatarenkova Stellarise
Jelena Tatarenkova

“Wow… the results have far exceeded our expectations. We’re now enjoying a ten-fold increase in photography bookings.”

Andy Nickerson Photographer
Andy Nickerson

“Bryony was totally engaging from the start. Great opening, which led to a no-nonsense strategy for a watertight marketing campaign. Bryony challenges conventional ideas of sales pipeline and sale ‘funnel’ concepts in a clear and concise way.”

Frank Bastow Academy for Chief Executives
Frank Bastow

Bryony has really helped me see the once daunting sphere of marketing clearly. If you want to improve your marketing – attend!

Rebecca Dobson The Entrepreneur's Godmother
Rebecca Dobson

Marketing Author

Bryony Thomas is a prolific and inspiring writer on marketing. Bryony’s articles range from highly instructive ‘how to’ style information, perfect for the marketer or business owner wanting to roll their sleeves up, to more conceptual missives for the marketing professional. Her articles regularly appear in the business press. Bryony is also the author of ‘Watertight Marketing – delivering long-term sales results’.

“The biggest change has been a much greater focus on understanding the customer journey and how we attract, convert and retain more customers. We now have a greater focus on measurement, understand where to invest and get a bigger return on marketing investment .”

Nick Pearce Alexander Daniels Global
Nick Pearce

“The exercises on the programme gave direction and focus to the apprentice’s work. I saw the direct correlation between the knowledge she gained, her activity and application of what she’d learned to our business.”

Nick Pearce Alexander Daniels Global
Nick Pearce

“I worried how I would manage our apprentice, given I’m not a marketer myself. One of the best advantages of the Watertight Marketing programme has been its structured process and the support and guidance it gave to the apprentice – it allayed all my fears.”

Nick Pearce Alexander Daniels Global
Nick Pearce

“Having an apprentice to take ownership of putting theory into practice has been a relief to me and the business – and the methodology has been a great tool and resource to lean on.”

Matthew Box Inclusion.Me Ltd
Matthew Box

“I had a love-hate relationship with marketing. Your programme has made me trust in the process knowing we can draw on it at any point to improve things. I’m now a big fan of marketing!”

Matt Baker The HMO Platform
Matt Baker