Best-selling Author.

Award-winning Speaker.

Who is Bryony Thomas?

Bucket Lady. Elephant Spotter. Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief.

The Bucket Lady

Bryony Thomas is one of the UK’s foremost marketing thinkers. She is the author of Watertight Marketing, which has been in its best-sellers list consistently for over five years, with no gimmicks. This ground-breaking book has been described variously as “the entrepreneurs’ essential marketing manual”, “a work of genius”, and “a licence to print money”. Centred on replacing the ubiquitous sales funnel diagram with a better metaphor of a Bucket, Funnels and Taps, Bryony is often known as The Bucket Lady.

The Elephant Spotter

She has a disarmingly honest working style, that means that people have often seen her as a marketing confidante more than a consultant. Landing as the divisional director of marketing for FTSE 100 company, Experian, at the age of 28, Bryony quickly developed a knack for asking the questions that matter. If there’s something that needs addressing, you’ll find Bryony pointing to it. This earned her the nick-name, The Elephant Spotter

The Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief

Bryony is also an in-demand professional speaker for business audiences wanting to understand how to deliver sustainable sales results. Whether it’s a boardroom, team day, or a large conference venue, Bryony can be trusted to inspire, engage and entertain. But, more importantly people will leave her talks with immediate actions to take. She has a unique and memorable speaking style, and is often heard describing how to build multi-million pound businesses in the same way as you’d steal your neighbour’s cat. And so, is known as The Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief.

Bryony’s Journey

In 2008, Bryony started the journey towards what is today the Watertight Marketing Methodology, working with ambitious growing businesses delivering 12-month marketing transformation programmes. Through her book, her speaking, her events and her hands-on support, Bryony Thomas now gives small business owners the clarity and the structure to step off the roller coaster. To get their marketing to put their business on a sustainable upward curve. Bryony Thomas is The Watertight Marketer.

She does all this part-time around her family, and can be often found playing in the sand pit with her daughter or snuggled up with her soppy grey tom cat, Dylan.

Oh, and, she also loves a strong cup of tea. Milk, no sugar. And, if you’re getting the biscuits in, Bryony will have a pink wafer!

Award-Winning Marketing Speaker for Business Events

Bryony Thomas is an energetic marketing speaker who shows businesses and entrepreneurs how to take calm, confident, control of their business growth. Her speaking style is no-nonsense and direct. She doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, and makes highly effective use of memorable analogies to make her advice stick. Bryony has a real skill for adapting her content to suit the needs of her audience, both through thorough preparation, and by being extremely quick-witted and responsive to the audience in front of her.

“The Watertight Marketing process very quickly helped us realise that our existing marketing wasn’t always reaching the right decision makers. That was the first eye opener for us. Joshua has been a quality individual bringing astute analysis right from the start. He has, without a doubt, changed a lot of the things we do. He made a huge difference and we are all delighted with that. His knowledge and appreciation of how the methodology works for us has been first class.”

Darren Macdonald Head of Sales, MRG Systems
Darren Macdonald

The Confidence & Clarity Conference put marketing in an understandable framework for anyone with an interest in it whatever the level. It redefined for me the profile of a “marketing person” to the extent that I can now see the possibility of me becoming one in a new career. The event cut right through the nonsense that ‘s cost so much in the past.

Greg Clements 
Greg Clements

The event was well organised and the content was well thought through, with plenty of inspirational speakers and thought provoking content to help people understand their marketing priorities. It was really useful for both marketing and business managers to get people thinking more creatively about marketing throughout the user journey.

Claire Williams Evergreen Life
Claire Williams

“Bryony spoke at one of my recent events and was fantastic. Although the event only allowed for a short slot, she managed to give unbelievable amounts of content, which people started to implement into their businesses immediately. Bryony’s style of speaking is clear, confident and charismatic. The entire audience were captivated during the whole presentation and the comments during an after were amazing.”

Kerry Leppier Evolution PR & Events
Kerry Leppier

Great chance to meet with other people in marketing or running SMEs.

Lots of useful workshops and workbooks for identifying problems and opportunities in your business.

A great event to go to with another member of your team (co-founder or colleague) to help get them to understand the importance of implementing a Watertight Marketing methodology and to get a much clearer strategy going forwards.

Sam Harris Postary
Sam Harris

Marketing Author

Bryony Thomas is a prolific and inspiring writer on marketing. Bryony’s articles range from highly instructive ‘how to’ style information, perfect for the marketer or business owner wanting to roll their sleeves up, to more conceptual missives for the marketing professional. Her articles regularly appear in the business press. Bryony is also the author of ‘Watertight Marketing – delivering long-term sales results’.

“Bryony recently presented her Tweak Your Leaks, Double Your Profits workshop to one of my Vistage Business Leader groups to universal acclaim. It’s a great session packed with content & delivered in an enthusiastic, engaging and informal style. Was well received and resonated with all group members. There is a significant amount of content, augmented by well-conceived workbooks and a clear progression through 3 sections resulting in everyone having a marketing priority plan. Tremendous value felt by all and the offer by Bryony to reconnect in a few months was universally appreciated. The time spent at the end of the session to come up with a couple of specific actions related to their own businesses was also highly valued. Bryony has a very engaging, warm, friendly style which she uses to great effect in communicating ideas, concepts and practical assistance. I would happily recommend Bryony to anyone who would like themselves & their teams to be more confident in effectively delivering their marketing plan.”

Matthew Griffiths Vistage Group Chairman
Matthew Griffiths

“Bryony recently spoke at a event for leaders in the South West – Leaders Connect. She blew me away. Her speaking style is dynamic, energetic, personable and easy to understand (non of that typical marketing jargon!). Afterwards, a few of the event delegates, myself included, described feeling a sense of relief that we don’t need to plough endless time and funds into new marketing tools (turning on many taps!) and instead need to focus on fixing any leaks in the bucket. Bryony gave practical and tangible ways of doing this, that were also cost effective – perfect for a group of busy leaders, many from Non-Profit organisations with limited budgets. I can’t recommend Bryony highly enough. She is a top-rate speaker and marketing guru.”

Charly White

“Wow…. What an amazing session, as I said yesterday it was by far the most engaging and relevant Vistage session I have ever been to!”

Joe Turner CEO, BlueStone College
Joe Turner

@bryonythomas Thank you Bryony. The cohesive way you’ve put Watertight Marketing together is amazing. It sets a new benchmark. — (@marketingwizdom) August 20, 2013

Robert Clay Marketing Wizdom
Robert Clay

Bryony is an excellent communicator and an outstanding speaker. She shares her subject matter expertise in an engaging, approachable and crystal clear way. Her methodology is unique, based on solid evidence, real world experience plus a refreshingly creative and humorous twist. More than that though, when she chooses to share her life experiences from stage you see that she’s a woman on a mission to make a difference and ensure her audiences don’t waste time or opportunities. She moved, touched and inspired me. Thank you Bryony.

Antoinette Dale Henderson Gravitas Expert, Speaker & Author
Antoinette Dale Henderson