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Strategic thinking tools for confident marketing decisions

This is where we show you how, but you do the work. If you want us to do the work too, head on over to information on Strategic Consulting.

Working with Marketing Teams

We equip and support marketers to use the Watertight Marketing thinking tools within your business.

Members' Club

Monthly skills in a supportive peer group.

Expert Workshops

Half or full-day expert led sessions for your team.


Individual mentoring for marketers at any level.

Masterplan Programme

Full training in the Watertight Marketing methodology.

Make Confident Marketing Decisions

Focus your marketing time, money and energy

You’ve read the Watertight Marketing book, and it made a lot of sense. Maybe you’ve started to implement what you’ve learned, and now you want to go deeper in using the thinking tools and framework across your whole team.

We’d love to help you with that!

Giving your team…

A common language for marketing

When your whole team understand the same thing by the same words and diagrams, you can have more productive conversations and move at pace.

Clarity about where to focus

Precise sequencing of marketing investments (of time and money) is one of our core strengths and means your team can focus ther energy in the right places.

Confident decision-making

Our full set of thinking tools has been designed and refined over two decades and across 2000+ organisations to enable decisive action across your team.

Powerful progress markers

Using our assessment tools at regular intervals gives you a clear market=r for the progress you’re making in marketing maturity.

“All in all, Watertight Marketing is more than a book. Rather you will have an entire framework and methodology for addressing the marketing needs in your business. And, it’s the only marketing book you’ll ever need.”

Kirsty I. 
Kirsty I.

“I am a marketer through and through, with more than 25 years’ experience working both in-house and as an independent consultant. I’ve read a lot of marketing books in that time, and this is – by far – the best!

For me, the first thing that struck me is the logical structure – 4 clear sections which take you from high-level marketing principles; a practical methodology and ideas for you to start implementing right away; right through to practical guidance to ensure you maintain momentum.

A feature of the book are the many line drawings to illustrate the concepts, which are brilliant in their simplicity; along with practical examples and case studies.

Even after many years of working in the sector I got a lot from the book, and – for me – there are 3 golden nuggets . Firstly ‘marketing is a mindset’ – it’s a WAY of doing business, and not just a bolt-on; ‘commercial karma’ – do the right thing, and you will be rewarded; and finally, the ‘Purpose/Profit Matrix’ as a practical tool to help you assess and attract the clients you love working with. These are all concepts I already related to, and yet Bryony Thomas has articulated them so beautifully, I now have a name for them!”

Kirsty I. 
Kirsty I.

“The only marketing book you’ll ever need”

Kirsty I. 
Kirsty I.

“Well worth buying the 2nd edition for the extra frameworks the author has added and new examples of how the thinking is used in real companies. One of the new frameworks which is particularly helpful is the Purpose/Profit matrix which gives us a lens through which to view the clients we work with. A lot of the key concepts are also usefully explained in more depth to give readers a richer understanding of the approach and how to use it in practice. Of course, still at its heart is the same practical, highly valuable methodology that businesses of any size can use and apply – and thousands have already used it to great effect in their own companies. Clearly and thoughtfully written, Bryony speaks eloquently for an ethical, customer-centric, purposeful marketing approach. Essential reading for business owners and directors, marketers, sales people and anyone who knows (or wants to find out) how great marketing is the cornerstone of their business success.”

Rachael Wheatley 
Rachael Wheatley

“The first edition of this book was outstanding, but second time around it is even more concise. Bryony has a unique delivery style which makes her methodology easy to follow which creates great results.
The layout of the new book makes it perfect to revisit over and over again.
Highly recommended.”

Alison Edgar 
Alison Edgar

“Everything you need to know about marketing in one place”

Alison Edgar 
Alison Edgar

“When I first read Watertight Marketing around 4 years ago it changed everything I thought I knew about marketing, and even though I never got round to implementing all of it, I have dipped in and out of the methodologies as I have grown my business. I pre-ordered a copy of the second edition because I knew that now more than ever getting your marketing right and operating ethically and in a way that serves your clients and customers without the sleaze and ick that plagues the internet these days…and the second edition doesn’t disappoint. I’ve binge-read it…and will now go through it and implement it. I’m also making it essential reading for my clients.”

Julie Creffield 
Julie Creffield

“This is a brilliant and inspirational update not a new book”

Cheryl Crichton 
Cheryl Crichton

“This is an update to the best-selling 2013 original and it has been improved in so many ways. There’s a new introduction to put Marketing in an overall business context, sections are handily signposted, new diagrams and models have been created and an entire new concept, the Profit/Purpose matrix, has been added. There are new case studies from businesses that have successfully used Watertight Marketing (apparently there are now over 2000) and the book has been improved based on practical applications of the system and feedback from the business owners and senior marketing people who have benefited.

I had been in marketing for nearly 15 years when I read the first edition and it opened my eyes to a way of marketing which was in many ways counter-intuitive but also practical, well thought-out, actionable and written in an easy to follow, jargon-free style. The second edition has built on this and is a hugely valuable handbook for anyone wanting their marketing to be more effective: large company, small company, not-for-profits or agencies. Very highly recommended.”

Chris Turner 
Chris Turner

“Practical, actionable and a proven method. What more could you want from a Marketing book?”

Chris Turner 
Chris Turner

“I liked this book a lot. From the clear and actionable points to the comparisons between marketing your business and fitness (so the people doing one form of exercise and sticking to one diet for about a week don’t get very far), it’s lively engaging and will improve my marketing for my own business.

I should declare that I know the author socially but although this led me to read the book it wouldn’t colour my decision to implement a number of the ideas she presents. Highly recommended.”

Guy Clapperton 
Guy Clapperton

“Excellent book for small businesses. East to read with really practical advice which anyone can implement, and loads of really valuable additional online material. Anyone who feels that their marketing budget is like sand slipping through their fingers Must read this book.”

Julie Peel Inspired Design
Julie Peel

“Excellent book with practical and achievable marketing advice for all SMEs”

Julie Peel Inspired Design
Julie Peel

“If you want to achieve long term sales results, get in control of your marketing and most importantly ensure good customer retention – then this book is invaluable. Bryony lays out very clearly the whole buying cycle (or funnel) and identifies each potential leakage point and how to ensure it’s all watertight. It’s a really good analogy and clearly explains what to watch out for. The worked example case study shows how it’s all done in practice. With plenty more case studies included, it’s really a blue print for any small business owner to follow. Too many start-ups make the mistake of thinking it’s all about maximising sales, when really it’s more about thinking through the whole buying cycle and making sure you keep the customers you get. No point in continuing to endlessly fill a leaky bucket!”

Nicholas Taimitarha 
Nicholas Taimitarha

“Every small business owner should read this book”

Nicholas Taimitarha 
Nicholas Taimitarha

The Make Marketing Happen Club

Core Courses

Five core video courses to set your strategy and plan your diary available from day one of your membership. Includes an individual assessment of your current marketing set-up to focus your energy effectively.

Monthly Challenges

Join a short 1 day or five day challenge each month to identify, come up with ideas and implement key marketing improvements.

Resource Vault

A library of tips, templates, checklists and interviews for you to dip into as you need it.


For the solo entrepreneur who wants to sustain a lovely lifestyle business.

£75 + VAT

More Details

The Sustain package is ideal for a solo entrepreneur looking to get more consistent with their marketing to sustain a great lifestyle business. You get access to strategic input from Bryony Thomas and Cheryl Crichton in the live sessions, dig into expert tips in the Vault, build consistent habits with the monthly working groups, and tap into the camaraderie of the group support in the Facebook Group and Forum.


Designed for a scaling business with a solo marketing person on the team.

£350 + VAT

More Details

This membership level includes all the elements of the Sustain package, with the addition of a one-to-one strategic kick-off, joining an expert hosted peer group for monthly masterclasses, and a monthly accountability call with your group host.


For the growing business with big ambitions but a small marketing team.

£950 + VAT

More Details

This level includes all of the elements of the Sustain and Scale package, with the addition of a strategic marketing partner for your business. You will be matched with a Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner to work with you on your business on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 

“I highly recommend Watertight Marketing’s Lunch & Learn sessions. The great advice and suggestions I got from Bryony made this lunch was worth the fee x 100! A thoroughly thought-provoking, aha moment session, in a friendly supportive environment.”

Dawn Sillett Zoomly
Dawn Sillett

“Such a helpful session today – I’m putting you on my ‘3 Amazing things that happened’ list for today. The Q&A sessions are so valuable in bringing the concepts to life and revealing just how many different ways there are to tackle a marketing challenge. More importantly, they help me encourage some divergent creative thinking with my management team. Thanks again.”

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
Cara Sherliker

“Bryony’s Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn’t your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!”

Dougal Hawes, Business Development Director SmartBox Assistive Technology
Dougal Hawes, Business Development Director

“10 minutes with Bryony on a Q&A call as part of Masterplan unblocked a pricing presentation issue I’d been wrestling with for over four years!”

Julie Peel, Founder & Jeweller Inspired Design
Julie Peel, Founder & Jeweller

“An hour with Bryony is better for de-cluttering your brain and seeing a clear path than two days in a health spa!”

Jo Reid, MD Calvium
Jo Reid, MD

Expert Workshops

90 Minutes

A taster of a core concept to get your team focused and motivated.

Half Day

A core concept or process with time for group-working to put it in context.

Full Day

An immersive session on a core concept with space to undertake tailored exercises for your context.

90-Minute Motivator

Get your team focused and fired-up on a core concept or framework.

From £250 + VAT

More Details

Often delivered as a Lunch & Learn session, we will work with you to understand which of our quick-fire sessions would best meet your needs. They can act as an introduction to the methodology, or a guided application of one focus framework. Delivered online, or in your business.

Half Day Deep Dive

Dive into one of our core concepts or frameworks with time for group work to apply the ideas in your context.

From £750 + VAT

More Details

A half day allows for much more interaction and group-work, where you can start to really explore and apply the concepts. Our most popular half day sessions are:

  • Is your marketing on firm foundations? A look at the four pillars of marketing fitness applied to your business to determine where to focus your energy.
  • Are you leaving money on the table? A guided gap analysis of one customer journey to identify where to invest in effective marketing tools to support the sales process. 


Focussed Full Day

Ideal for strategic team days, like a board away day, a sales kick-off, or a marketing planning day.

From £1500 + VAT

More Details

A full day session allows us to tailor the session for your team, and get them working together to clarify strategy and next steps for your business. Days that work really well are:

  • Board Days: A session for all members of your Board to understand how marketing supports the strategic aims of the business, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • Marketing Planning Days: A facilitated day for your marketing team to review their strategy using the Watertight Marketing frameworks.
  • Sales & Marketing Kick-off: A joint session between sales and marketing to understand the interplay and hand-offs in their roles to create a more holistic end to end customer journey and more profitable sales results.

“Watertight Marketing has utterly transformed our business. In year one, we doubled both turnover and profit. In year two, we tripled it!”

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder Audenza
Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder

“Finding Watertight Marketing was a revelation and a relief.”

Dave James, MD Ascentor
Dave James, MD

“Applying Watertight Marketing is like having Marie Kondo organise the marketing clutter in your mind.”

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
Cara Sherliker

Peter is a refreshing change – most marketing people bang on about posting on Twitter 30 times a day, or how important one’s Facebook posts are. This workshop was the first one that actually delved into the reason BEHIND every marketing decision you make, with a goal as to what you’re trying to achieve, rather than simply a list of actions.

Matt Hills Travel Counsellors
Matt Hills

Peter makes marketing simple to understand and straight forward to take an action.

Jelena Tatarenkova Stellarise
Jelena Tatarenkova

Very good facilitation. Peter engaged the audience well and stepped us through the leaks in a clear and concise manner. I think the Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment is a very clear and simple tool to identify areas of focus on a potentially very broad and confusing topic. I identified a number of clear actions to take away to improve my marketing approach.

Duncan Hodgson Silver Bullet Business Training
Duncan Hodgson

Peter really knows his stuff and demystifies the marketing process for small businesses. A very worthwhile workshop.

Paul Shaw Business Doctors
Paul Shaw

I have found this process so enlightening. The video is a great tool. We went through this as a small team and being able to pause the video and have discussions was so beneficial as it allowed us to debate the points raised and consider some small changes which could be implemented immediately. Your feedback after analysis is encouraging and gives us some specific and very achievable goals which won’t cost us too much to implement. Thank you again, I came away feeling inspired.

Christina Kennedy, Head of Trustees The Carymoor Environmental Trust
Christina Kennedy, Head of Trustees

“Exceeded expectations. The Touchpoint Leak™  Assessment meeting with Rachael was an epiphany.”

Ian Else Ovation Finance
Ian Else

“The Watertight Marketing process very quickly helped us realise that our existing marketing wasn’t always reaching the right decision makers. That was the first eye opener for us. Joshua has been a quality individual bringing astute analysis right from the start. He has, without a doubt, changed a lot of the things we do. He made a huge difference and we are all delighted with that. His knowledge and appreciation of how the methodology works for us has been first class.”

Darren Macdonald Head of Sales, MRG Systems
Darren Macdonald

“For me, the Watertight Marketing book was a real eye opener. It put everything into perspective marketing-wise. It’s helped with my knowledge and, in future there will be nothing random about my marketing activities. I am confident I have a strategy that will attract and support potential customers as they make their buying decision.”

Julian Farmer MD - Ambassador Home Improvements
Julian Farmer

“Cheryl is a bundle of energy. She brings great ideas and creativity, balanced with being able to focus the right activity in the right place for a strategic reason. That’s the trick. There’s many things we could be doing — the skill is knowing which are the right things — that’s been the value she’s added.”

Malcolm Miller MD - RTS Group
Malcolm Miller

“We’ve seen a steady improvement in two areas. Firstly, we are getting more enquiries from people we’ve not previously spoken to who have found our content. And, secondly our new marketing activity is also giving our existing clients much more reassurance that they are speaking to the right people.”

Malcolm Miller MD - RTS Group
Malcolm Miller

The Watertight Marketing team recently put our small not for profit company through the Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks™. The results were amazing. They were able to see opportunities that we had never seen before and helped us to think differently about the ones we had identified. I can’t thank the team enough. We are excited about the direction we are heading and we have lots of recommendations to follow to help us get started.

Rhiannon Evans Supporting Justice CIC
Rhiannon Evans

“What makes the Watertight Marketing approach stand out from the crowd of fluffy marketeers is direct linkage of effort to return, all marketing activity is carried out because it leads to improved sales, Bryony’s no nonsense approach was a revelation and a relief. I can not praise Watertight Marketing highly enough and thoroughly recommend them to anyone who needs an expert marketeer on their side.”

Dave James, Managing Director Ascentor
Dave James, Managing Director



Giving confidence and direction to people new in a marketing role.


A seasoned ear for an experienced marketer to make progress.


A strategic sounding board for a seasoned marketer.

Career Kickstart

For marketers in their first few years of work who want to be really productive and progress quickly within a business.

From £250 + VAT

More Details

Mentoring for younger marketers, particularly those without a more seasoned team around them, is great for giving them confidence in their roles, and accelerating their progress and productivity in role. Mentoring can be booked in packages of three one-hour sessions, typically used monthly.

Manager’s Motivator

Working alongside a marketing manager, with 3-5 years experience, to support them in stepping up into a more strategic role.

From £750 + VAT

More Details

A marketing manager that’s looking to take on more of the strategic thinking will always benefit from the wisdom of someone who’s already walked that path. We will match your marketing manager with a Certified Practitioner with relevant experience to support them in stepping up.

Strategic Sounding Board

For a marketing director or MD who values an external perspective of a peer to sound things out.

From £1500 + VAT

More Details

A marketing director or MD will often appreciate working with a peer mentor to act as a confidante and wise counsel, particularly if they are navigating a key strategic project or marketing transformation. 

“Applying Watertight Marketing is like having Marie Kondo organise the marketing clutter in your mind and business.”

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
Cara Sherliker

“I loved the book. We’ve actually enjoyed working through the materials – not least because it works!”

Dave Carr, MD EazyCollect
Dave Carr, MD

“Watertight Marketing has utterly transformed our business. In year one, we doubled both turnover and profit. In year two, we tripled it!”

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder Audenza
Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder

“It’s hard to express how good I think the Marketing Masterplan is. It’s really brilliantly illuminating.”

David Hughes Anatomised
David Hughes

“Wow… the results have far exceeded our expectations. We’re now enjoying a ten-fold increase in photography bookings.”

Andy Nickerson Photographer
Andy Nickerson

“Applying Watertight Marketing is like having Marie Kondo organise the marketing clutter in your mind.”

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
Cara Sherliker

““The Masterplan process has made me focus on exactly who I want to be working with.”

Amanda Thomas Photographer
Amanda Thomas

“Watertight Marketing has enabled me to implement a huge change here.  I cannot recommend the Masterplan programme enough.”

Sara Parker (formerly) Face for Business
Sara Parker

“The Masterplan course has also helped me focus on the right kind of customers for me and my business.”

Julian Farmer Ambassador Home Improvements
Julian Farmer

“One of the tweaks that I made as a direct result of completing Module 1 of the Marketing Masterplan landed me a client that covered the costs of the course three times over.”

Emma Insley Third Sector Consultant, Fundraiser and Facilitator
Emma Insley

Masterplan Programme


A dedicated tutor through a 12-week programme.


Join a group cohort for a 12-week programme.

MD's Group

Join Bryony Thomas for the 12-month MD’s programme.

Solo Programme

Work individually with a Certified Practitioner through the 12-part Masterplan programme, typically over 12 weeks.

£2500 + VAT

More Details

A powerful 12-week companion programme to the best-selling Watertight Marketing book. Work week-by-week through the videos, with a 60-minute one-to-one with your expert tutor.

  • One hour kick off call.
  • Access to all the online resources.
  • Dedicated and tailored to your business.
  • 60 minutes weekly sessions.
  • A-Z of content marketing ideas digital e-book.
  • Touchpoint Leak Traffic Light review within 12 months.

Group Programme

Work through the 12-week programme in a group of peers from other businesses.

£1700 + VAT

More Details

A powerful 12-week companion programme to the best-selling Watertight Marketing book. Work week-by-week through the videos, with a 90-minute group calls with your expert tutor.

  • Access to video course.
  • Go through the course with other businesses.
  • 90 minutes weekly group sessions.
  • One hour kick-off call.
  • A-Z of content marketing ideas digital e-book.

MD’s programme

A 12-month programme for MDs of six or seven figure businesses to work strategically through the process with Bryony Thomas.

From £6000 + VAT

More Details

Bryony Thomas opens one programme each year for a small group of Managing Directors in scaling businesses to lead a strategic review of their marketing over a year. They are often joined on the programme by those responsible for sales and marketing.

Get your marketing on firm foundations.

Focus your efforts on what matters.

Achieve sustainable and scaleable sales results.

Small businesses matter.

Thriving small businesses are the results of countless hours of emotional and financial energy. Often the founders and directors have risked their mortgages, marriages, mental health, and more. When these people tell us that their marketing isn’t working, we know it really matters.