What small business owners have been saying about Watertight Marketing…

Mark Mason

Mark Mason, CEO

This is a breakthrough marketing book for small businesses. It ditches all the fluff and nonsense and gives a business owner exactly what they need to get their marketing in gear. You’ll want to read it with a pen in hand because you will have ideas to put into action on every single page.” Mark Mason, CEO, Mubaloo


Nick Dean

Nick Dean, MD

Watertight Marketing is brilliant. Bryony has delivered a book that is free of jargon and a compelling read that makes you sit up and quickly realise where the holes are in your plans, the potential cost of these holes to your business and ultimately how to fill them and ensure your business is robust and successful.” Nick Dean, Managing Director, Ad Lib Recruitment

Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend
Author, Speaker, Coach

Any business who is serious about growing needs to read this book. Watertight Marketing is a well written, easy to read but heavy-weight and comprehensive blueprint for effective marketing. No clap-trap. No padding. It is chocker-block full of great ways to fix your business development processes, systems, copy, plans and activities so you stop leaking profit and see your business grow – the watertight way.” Heather Townsend, author of ‘The FT Guide To Business Networking’ and co-author of  ‘How to make partner and still have a life’

Stephen King

Stephen King, MD

“If you’re running a small business and think your marketing activity is as good as it can be, read this book.  If you think your marketing could be better, read it twice.  I’ve read many books on marketing and got a lot of value from each of them, but this is the one we will be buying to give to each of our clients.  No-nonsense wisdom, perfectly pitched to resonate with all small business owners.Stephen King, Managing Director, F-works

And, what other marketers have said…


Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird
Ask Drayton

“Sadly, most businesses – especially small ones – either do no marketing or waste money on what they do. This admirable book puts you right. No idle theory, no high-falutin hogwash: Bryony talks from experience, taking you step by step through what you need to make the most of every penny you spend on marketing.” Drayton Bird, Ask Drayton

Dee Blick

Dee Blick, Author
The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

“This is a really well written book from an experienced UK based marketer that is choc full of marketing strategies and tips that work. The cost of this book is a small price to pay for clear, concise, waffle free advice. And if there’s one thing that a small business has to do in order to be successful in today’s crowded marketplace it is to be marketing savvy and to access advice that works in tough times and good times provided they put the time and effort in.” Dee Blick, The Marketing Gym

Merlin Stone

Prof. Merlin Stone

Watertight Marketing is a long overdue book. Too many marketing books are either too academic – stuffed with over-complicated ideas, which can’t be implemented – or full of hype. Watertight Marketing is neither of these. It guides busy business folk through the steps to making marketing work and pay – with minimum waste and maximum benefit.” Prof. Merlin Stone, Research Director, The Customer Framework

Jason Morris

Jason Morris
My Profit Engine

Without doubt this is the best book on small business marketing I have read. As a marketing consultant myself I get tired of reading the same rehashed jargon-rich marketing books that seem to abound.
Previously, I had thought that John Jantsch’s ‘Duct tape marketing’ methodology could not be topped but I must say that Bryony has created something different here. A no-nonsense, honest to goodness, blueprint that any small business can implement and improve their bottom line.” Jason Morris, My Profit Engine