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Benchmark your marketing against the Four Flow Foundations to pinpoint where to focus your energy for scalable sales growth.

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The Watertight Marketing Test

Benchmark Your Marketing

Assess your business against the Four Flow Foundations to understand if your marketing is set up to support healthy sales flow.

Marketing Flow Score

“Nobody needs more ideas for how to spend money on marketing. They need fewer, on which to truly focus. That’s precisely what the Watertight Marketing Test gives you.” Bryony Thomas, Creator – Watertight Marketing

Marketing Flow Score

“Nobody needs more ideas for how to spend money on marketing. They need fewer, on which to truly focus. That’s precisely what the Watertight Marketing Test gives you.”

Bryony Thomas

Creator, Watertight Marketing

Marketing Flow Score

This diagnostic process has been designed and refined across 2000+ organisations. Your individual report gives a board level view of where to focus marketing energy to support better, and more sustainable, sales flow.


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Proven Marketing Process

Marketing That Makes Sense

Supporting Healthy Sales Flow

Watertight Marketing is an end-to-end marketing methodology, with a proven and sequenced process that means you can pinpoint precisely where to focus your energy, and continually make manageable improvements that gain momentum step-by-step.

Proven across more than 2000 organisations

Designed and refined over two decades

Captured in the best-selling book

Delivered by experienced and qualified practitioners

Accessible via government funded apprenticeship

Four Foundations of Marketing Fitness

Supporting Healthy Sales Flow

Working with us ensures that you have clear answers to these four critical questions so that your marketing has the foundations to support more and better sales flow.

Flow Foundation 1

First Flow Foundation

The Right Work

To whom are you offering what?

Flow Foundation 1

Second Flow Foundation

Balanced Routine

How will you support their decision?

Flow Foundation 1

Third Flow Foundation

Baseline Rhythm

When and how often will you show up?

Flow Foundation 1

Fourth Flow Foundation

Maintain Momentum

Why, and with what goals and milestones?

The #1 Best-Selling Book

Now in its Second Edition

The Watertight Marketing book is the place to start. This is the business book that delivers what many others promise. You’ll discover inspiring true stories from businesses like yours that have doubled, tripled and even hit that fabled 10x revenue and profit. Page by page, you can piece together how marketing supports healthy sales flow, and build an effective marketing operation with one guided action after another.

Watertight Marketing Book

“Absolutely brilliant! I love this book. I’ve learned SO much, but at the same time, it’s such a good and pleasurable read.”

Hil Gibb 
Hil Gibb

“The best marketing book bar none. Looking at the entire customer journey from first awareness through to loyalty.”

Almira Ross 
Almira Ross

“Watertight Marketing is a no-nonsense guide to help step up the marketing of your business in a truly different way.”

Christian Tait, Owner Creative Cadence
Christian Tait, Owner

“The Best Marketing Book Out There. This book contains all the information you need in one place, and it does so in a way that is easy to understand and straight to the point with no jargon.”

Rachel Amazon Review

“Hands down the best book on marketing there is. There’s no fluff only easy to use, easy to implement ideas and concepts.”

Joe Leech MRJOE Ltd
Joe Leech

“There isn’t one bit of this book that isn’t useful. No matter how long you have worked in marketing.”

Amy Grenham Marketing Manager
Amy Grenham

“Finding Watertight Marketing was a revelation and a relief.”

Dave James, MD Ascentor
Dave James, MD

“Watertight Marketing has utterly transformed our business. In year one, we doubled both turnover and profit. In year two, we tripled it!”

Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder Audenza
Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder

“This book has packed a huge punch for me. It has helped me structure my thinking – and doing – in a way that few other marketing thinkers or other books have.”

Deborah Kingsley, MD KPC Communication
Deborah Kingsley, MD

“Applying Watertight Marketing is like having Marie Kondo organise the marketing clutter in your mind and business.”

Cara Sherliker Adeva Partners
Cara Sherliker

“I loved the book. We’ve actually enjoyed working through the materials – not least because it works!”

Dave Carr, MD EazyCollect
Dave Carr, MD

“I think it might be quite good.”

Colin Bryony's Dad

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