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Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas is the multi-award winning author of the best-selling book, Watertight Marketing. With over 20 years in marketing, for organisations as large as Microsoft and as micro as the kitchen table, she’s distilled the key elements of an effective marketing operation into four key questions.

Any business that wants to see sustainable, and scalable, sales results will want someone in the room for this session. Bryony’s sessions are full of energy and packed with lightbulb moments for both novice and experienced marketers.

“What Bryony Thomas delivers is so much more than marketing, it’s more Watertight execution in business. It was joy to work with her. She brings energy, passion and real know how about how to build and retain business. I can highly recommend Watertight Marketing to anyone wishing to significantly improve the profitability of their business.” Ian Price, Former CEO, Academy for Chief Executives

Bryony Thomas

As featured in...

Core Common Language

Get your whole team to have a common understanding of how marketing supports every step of the sale.

Whole Company Process

An end-to-end process that touches every part of your business mapping effective marketing to every customer interaction.

Powerful Proven Toolkit

Tried & tested tools and frameworks to equip your people to make confident marketing decisions to out-think your competition.

Confident Marketing Decisions

We love working with business leaders to make marketing a whole company process that supports long-term growth.

  • Identify where your marketing is leaving money on the table within your sales process.
  • Create a sequenced plan for marketing improvements that will layer iteratively and deliver long-term payback.
  • Train your marketing and sales people to adopt a common language everyone understands.
  • Encourage creative and constructive collaboration on marketing projects across the whole business.
  • Run active and engaged meetings and planning sessions to come up with brilliant ideas that will deliver.
  • Set a benchmark and track your progress over time, with an overall marketing efficiency score and a traffic light project system.

“It’s not yet more marketing ideas most businesses need, it’s a way to confidently decide which of the thousands of things they could do actually deserve their energy.”

Bryony Thomas

Author & Founder, Watertight Marketing

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“This is just the direction, training (with a touch of hand holding) that I’ve always needed” Alex Chell, Ardington Creative

Marketing Minded MDs

Clients often tell us that what Watertight Marketing does is to change the way they think

"The Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment is the best tool I have ever seen in helping someone organise their marketing priorities while taking in the whole picture. I’m going to be recommending it to all my customers - it’s a must."

Nicola Cook

Founder, Company Shortcuts

"The Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn't your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!"

Dougal Hawes

Head of Sales, Smartbox Assistive Technology

"What Bryony Thomas delivers is less about marketing and more about Watertight Execution in business. It was joy to work with Bryony who brings energy, passion and real know how about how to build and retain business. I can highly recommend Watertight Marketing to anyone wishing to significantly improve the profitability of their business."

Ian Price

Former CEO, Academy for Chief Executives

"Watertight Marketing has been the best investment we've ever made at Monkey Puzzle. The approach is so respectful of clients, no hard selling and no ridiculous quick fix promises. It's quite simply a sensible investment and really good learning. Our clients have commented on how easy and friendly our approach is which is all due to what we've learned from Bryony. Thank you." 

Karen Meager

Co-Founder, Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy

"The Book on Marketing That Makes Sense of the Rest!"

As a CEO, MD, or business leader that wants to put what you've built on firm foundations, then calmly and confidently steps things up, this is the book on marketing you've been waiting for. If you are a marketing professional in a business like that, this is the book on marketing you want your CEO to read.