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Part Four of Watertight Marketing equips you to set an effective marketing budget, a robust measurement framework and get the mindset that maintains momentum. These other books will help you go deeper on these topics. ~ Bryony Thomas, Author | Watertight Marketing

  • Barez-Brown, C. (2006) How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Get Curious, Get Adventurous, Get Creative, HarperElement (Buy on Amazon)
  • Barlow, N. M. (2006) Re-Think: How to Think Differently, Capstone Press (Buy on Amazon)
  • Blick, D. (2008) Powerful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: For Small Businesses, Authorhouse (Buy on Amazon)
  • Heppell, M. (2004) 2nd ed. How to Be Brilliant, Pearson (Buy on Amazon)
  • Johnson, S. (1998) Who Moved My Cheese?, Vermillion (Buy on Amazon)
  • Keller, G. (2014) The One Thing, John Murray Learning (Buy on Amazon)
    (Buy on Amazon)
  • Meaden, D. (2009) Common Sense Rules: What You Really Need to Know About Business, Random House (Buy on Amazon)
  • Moore, R. (2018) Start Now. Get Perfect Later, John Murray Learning (Buy on Amazon)
  • Priestley, D. (2017) 24 Assets: Create a Digital, Scalable, Valuable and Fun Business that will Thrive in a Fast Changing World, Rethink Press (Buy on Amazon)
  • The Mind Gym: Wake Up Your Mind (2005), Time Warner (Buy on Amazon)

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Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas

Author & Founder, Watertight Marketing

Bryony Thomas is the creator of the multi-award winning  Watertight Marketing methodology, captured in her best-selling book of the same name. She is one of the UK's foremost marketing thinkers, featured by the likes of Forbes, The Guardian, Business Insider and many more, and in-demand speaker for business conferences, in-house sales days and high-level Board strategy days.


The second edition of the Watertight Marketing book will be released on 31st March 2020.

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