I’m Bryony Thomas

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23 November 2021

How to get your Board to see the strategic value of marketing

A live session for the marketing managers and directors of £2-£20m turnover businesses to look at ways to get marketing positioned as a strategic driver in the business.

Proven Marketing Process

Marketing That Makes Sense. Delivering Sustainable & Scalable Sales Results.

Watertight Marketing is an end-to-end marketing methodology, with a proven and sequenced process that means you can pinpoint precisely where to focus your energy, and continually make manageable improvements that gain momentum step-by-step.

Proven across more than 2000 organisations

Designed and refined over two decades

Captured in the best-selling book

Delivered by experienced and qualified practitioners

Accessible via government funded apprenticeship

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The foundations of world-class marketing

A 90-minute Masterclass for business leaders to assess whether their marketing is supporting the long-term health of the business. This session uses the Flow Foundations from the best-selling Watertight Marketing book and includes a personal report on your marketing fitness.

Masterclass Agenda

To whom are you offering what?

First Flow Foundation: The Right Work – A healthy client mix is made up of those that serve both purpose and profit, ensuring your business is energised and resourced.

How will you support their decision?

Second Flow Foundation: Balanced Rhythm – A balanced marketing routine is one that has an effective tool or technique mapped to every step of a sales journey.

When and how often will you show up?

Third Flow Foundation: Baseline Rhythm – A commitment to marketing that is consistently delivered at intervals and pace matched to your market.

Why and with what goals?

Fourth Flow Foundation: Maintain Momentum – Maintaining enthusiasm is made possible by a compelling business vision that is translated into a clear plan.

Your Personal Report

You’ll be invited to undertake a 10-minute assessment live during the Masterclass. This will reveal where, and why, your marketing may not be delivering the long-term sustainable sales results that you’re after. 

You will also receive a PDF copy of your results with a rundown of the key strategic projects to focus on to step things up in the year ahead, and beyond.

Masterclass Agenda

Ditching the marketing yo-yo

Sometimes marketing is the most important activity on the list, and at others time it simply doesn’t get done. This is about as good for your business bottom line as the eating equivalent is for your waistline.

How energising is your audience?

We look at ways to ensure that your focus audience sits at the intersection of purpose and profit, ensuring that your business is both energised and resourced.

How effective is your marketing mix?

We map put the stages in a sale to see if the mis of marketing tools and techniques you’re using is effective in delivering sales results.

How well paced is your marketing activity?

We ask whether you’re beating your marketing drum to the right rhythm, that is matched to the pace of your marketing and at an interval that gets you noticed.

How balanced is your time?

We ask how you balance the planning and doing of marketing, ensuring that you have a decent strategy in place, as well as time, energy & resource to get it done.

2022 Dates Coming Soon

How to make marketing happen

A 90-minute Masterclass for people who have marketing as part of their day job to notch up the productivity and effectiveness of the time spent on marketing. We look at how and why people get into a yo-yo marketing rhythm, and the effect that has on long-term business health.

“Thanks Bryony. Really clear and informative session.”

“Highly motivating. Thank you so much for sharing your time.”

“Thank you for such a great thought provoking presentation once again.”

“Thanks Bryony, that was really thought provoking. Very inspirational.”

“It’s been a great use of my time today – so glad I heard about it this.”

“It does seem a wee bit like Everest at times…. but you break it down so well. Thanks”

Get your marketing on firm foundations.

Focus your efforts on what matters.

Achieve sustainable and scaleable sales results.

Small businesses matter.

Thriving small businesses are the results of countless hours of emotional and financial energy. Often the founders and directors have risked their mortgages, marriages, mental health, and more. When these people, and the leaders within their businesses, tell us that their marketing isn’t working as well as they want it to, we know it really matters.